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Today, after 18 years of struggling to provide my daughter with the finest educational opportunities I could afford, I dropped her off to start school at the best public university in the U.S. So far the only thing she's learned is what weed smells like. FML
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What you get out of things is directly connected to the effort you put into it But sometimes you just get shat on

Not to be that guy, but I looked up when classes start at Berkley, they start the 26th of August. Why the **** would you expect your daughter to have learned anything else, when classes haven't even started???

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I actually am surprised that an 18 year old didn't already know what weed smelled like. She must have been honeschooled and never got out around other kids.

#37, that was kind of my point. Since she had apparently never smelled weed before (improbable as it may seem), I'm not surprised that that was one of the first things she discovered at university. And at Berkeley of all places. Yet from all the thumbs down, it appears people don't agree with me.

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you obviously haven't seen "College Conspiracy"

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#48 there are 0 people a year that die from weed, the government brain wash people into thinking weed is bad (also it smells like spices 2 me)

62- So breathing in smoke of any kind does no damage to your lungs whatsoever? But yes, the government does not understand weed, and is quite stupid about how they go about getting money from "lawbreakers" I myself don't smoke weed, and have never smelled it for that matter, but I don't really care if someone does

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#66 you can always eat weed food

People who havent tried or even smelled weed can stop talking like they know shit, cuz u dont.

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and people who smoke weed "know shit?"

Actually I was 26 before I found out. But then I was a loner in school.

#77 Idiot, weed is a downer not and upper people do not get violent under the influence of marijuana or when they can't get their fix you got the wrong drug kid. Maybe coke, meth some type of upper because when you come down from and upper you crash. Duh. And yes it does damage lungs it's smoke for goodness sake.

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77-really the guy who made Appel smoked weed CNN that guy to still smokes bill Clinton our first declaration is made out of hemp you can't compare weed to killing a cop there hasn't been one report of a guy killing a cop because he was on weed it's not crack here jackass

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I personally don't care for weed myself but people need to stop putting it in the same catagory as coke, amphetamines, or my blessed opiods.

Well it's a very useful lesson in University to know what weed smells like :D. It's a quick way of telling whether or not the stuff you've been given is fake :L.

82- I dont think he meant to imply that smoking weed made you great, only suggesting that its effects are much less harmful than the general public believes.

I wish this was Facebook so I could like this comment...

#77 that is a load of bull CRAP! hahahaha People don't get "violent" for weed and Definitely don't need "fixes". lol Whatever you experienced, those people we're def on something else...! People who don't know things are so funny... :)

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Hahaha someone got caught lying!!!!!! And the username sounds like someone smokes weed themselves hahaha

90, you see the thumbs up and thumbs down below each comment...

@69 So, what you are saying is that "if you know weed, you know shit". Somehow, I believe this is true in your case.

Keevarou - Weed makes you act violent? Stupid, yeah kinda, but VIOLENT? Dude, you have no idea what you're talking about. People under the influence of marijuana do NOT act violent. And why would you report someone and have them sent to jail (or fined if it's decriminalized in your area) just for a little bit of pot they have on them? 86 - Thank you. That's the kind of opinion people need.

Omg 77 shut up, I've read three of your comments and it's obvious you don't know anything about weed. It's illegal in the states and Canada because the government can't tax it. You will never get physically addicted. It does not screw you head up and it is known to helped cure my sicknesses. Trust me I know my dad started smoking a couple years ago and all he does is watches documentaries and searches sh*t.

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I agree that weed may not harm you, but it's not a question of whether it harms you physically or psychologically, its morals. People that smoke weed or anything else, look stupid. And what you guys don't see is what the effects are to other people. 30,000+ people have been killed since 2006, in Mexico, so you guys can be supplied weed and cocaine and Meth. The effects of weed are not just in your body, it's in thousands of other people.

1st. I don't agree with you that people look stupid when they smoke weed. That's just a matter of opinion though. 2nd. If the government would just LEGALIZE IT already, then those people wouldn't have to die.

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Umm I have to side with keevarou (sorry if I spelled that wrong) here. My father in law has smoked weed since before I was born and if he doesn't get a hit whenever he needs it he gets really pissed off, starts yelling at everybody, and will start getting violent if it's been long enough since the last hit. Personally I can't stand the smell of weed. I think it smells awful. It may not harm your health the way meth or a cigarette would, but it damn sure impairs your ability to drive if you get high. I think of it like alcohol. A little doesn't affect your reaction time, coordination, etc, but too much of it does.

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Haha get violent bc they don't have their fix? Def not weed bro

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It obviously doesn't do that for everyone but it definitely can. We've told him before "you're being a dick go take a hit" so that he'll stop acting like that.

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Keevarou...just wow. I hate people like you. So judgmental about everyone. If I were like you my first thoughts from your pic would be that you did a little more than just smoked pot. But of course, you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Calling people stupid because they like to relax and enjoy themselves? Wow. You're an idiot

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Ok, Marijuana is not bad for you in the sense of the actual drug. If you smoke it, it is the act of smoke inhalation that is bad for you. I have smoked weed and it's only been about 3 or 4 times. Only the idiots get addicted to Weed. I went to a party last night, and everybody that was high was an idiot, failing all their classes an then they leave school and get high to feel better about it. One idiot got high and then drank way to much so we had to call an ambulance for him for alcohol poisoning. They should legalise it for the simple fact that it will harm no more than it already does which I think is minimal. The people that already do it will continue. Most cops don't care they will just take your weed and send you home. I would much rather smoke weed then a cigarette, because it tastes better, there is an after effect and it doesn't have nearly the amount of poisons in it. If you eat it weed is near harmless and the high can last up to 2 or 3 hours I've heard. Just my two cents. All in all weed is not a bad thing. I don't really use it tbh, but that does not change the fact that it should be legal.

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None of you has any right what so ever to judge people on what sort of life style they choose to lead, and that goes for people who support weed and those who don't. I'm all for freedom of expression, but frankly this is the Internet and none of you really know each other. Calling someone a moron for sharing there opinion is one of the biggest insults you can make, and it can just as easily be directed back at you, so then the argument gets no where and we all look end up looking like dogs chasing our own tails.

#128, pot is definitely not like booze. #144, for one, Keevarou said that weed makes you violent. That's not an opinion. I was just pointing out to him that he is wrong.

LOL anyone else notice that every single time a fml mentions weed these conversations happen? :p

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Anyone can violent when they don't have something they love. I get pretty testy when I don't have sex for a while, but no one here would say sex makes people violent. It all depends on the person and whether they have an addictive personality or not.

bertoelmexicano - That wouldn't be a problem if weed were legal and therefore grown and sold by people who aren't criminals.

120, haven't you ever heard of BC bud? :)

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It's quite probable. A friend of mine can smell it a mile away. To this day, I don't know what it actually smells like. Never been around it, and not interested. I do know what horrid bong water smells like; helping my sister move out of her drug-addict roomie's apartment, I had to keep from gagging from the horrid smell of the place.

You may be thinking about cocaine heroine meth things along those lines.

133 - your father-in-law might simply just be a dick. I'd be willing to bet it's his personality and not his "withdrawal symptoms".

you people are so annoying. I COMPLETELY side with 77. weed or any other internationally ILLEGAL drugs are not good for you, under any circumstance. what's wrong with you people :|

Maybe give it a few months? Or wait til she graduates and see what opportunities she gets? FFS, its barely the beginning of the school year.

184 - What's wrong with us? What's wrong with YOU?

184- Why should the government be able to tell me what I should be putting into/doing with MY body What makes them know my individual circumstances? I personally believe that smoking weed is nowhere near the best thing you can be doing to your body, but why should I, or anybody, be able to stop someone else's desire (unless it's a mental health issue) And don't give me that bullshit about "Oh, but you could harm others when you smoke too much!" Then why the FUCK isn't alcohol banned? (yes yes, prohibition, i know) Alcohol is far more deadly than marijuana, and is one of the biggest causes of death in North America I can't stand when people think they know better than I do in the matter of how MY body should be treated GTFO

#48 that just means your a straight up douchebag. but i agree with most of the top comments, if she doesnt know what weed smells like thats pretty weird itself, and usually thats the first thing anyone learns when put into a new school environment

*uses the flame wars to light up some weed*

I am seriously so happy keevarou kid finally shut up. he made a fool out of himself.

I learned the same thing in 9th grade

rich schools means rich kids means money which means drugs aka weed and they share for free!

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69 - Haven't, because, you, don't. Lay off the weed bro.

Well my last name is weed so I have you all beat(;

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That uncalled far comment makes you a bad person.

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Ok first off you cannot be physically addicted to weed. Yea some people do get so dependent on it that they have lost to what is reality. people used it for a reason for so long that they forget what they used it fir and they get mentally addicted. I would know because I've beed through it. I didn't even smoke a lot maybe like once every 6 months since I was 13? but by the time I was a junior I developed bad insomnia. and I tried a lot if things to treat it but shit didn't work. and then I switched to weed after 2 months of sleepless nights. OMG best thing that happened to me. I felt good going to sleep and I could fall asleep in a snap and feel so good morning afterwords. dude I was so energetic and I was able to concentrate more in school. but about 3 months later I just can't stop doing it. ( this came out of nowhere ). regardless of it was to help me sleep or not. at least one bowl. but I was thinking that I would be better off than just smoking everyday. ( I spend 0$ and I got all the supplies for free ). so I quit with no withdrawals. clean since like before summer started in 2011?

I've seen people be more productive when high. that's where some of my best essays came from in school. and as for being violent, I've never experienced anyone like that. all we would ever do is sit around and listen to musc.

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77 - Your thinking of sugar. A lot more dangerous then weed. Its not like every time i see a kid with a lollipop i report him, that'd be silly. Whenever I'm high I am a complete pacifist who just thinks about how nice the tree looks, food, sleeping, thinking about how i couldn't hold a conversation with somebody if it killed me, cleaning and helping people =) been smoking since seventh grade have straight a's and graduate this year. So stop being THAT guy.

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77- I had respect for you as a law abiding citizen up until you said great people have done meth. DONT EVER GO THERE. Who is said great person who did meth?? Only one I can think of is hitler when he was ruling the 3rd reich. **** off and die you ignorant piece of shit.

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126 - That's because in a situation like this you have 2 sides those who smoke weed and those who don't. you can then go ahead and divide those two sides into two categories those who are educated in drugs/smart people and those who are ignorant/uneducated about drugs/idiots. The latter is wrong whether or not they smoke and the first is right as long as they stay to weed/shrooms/ other non addictive or dangerous drugs.

Reading your comments first, then looking at the avatar is too funny.

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If you raised your daughter right, then you shouldn't have to worry about her doing that stuff. Chill ouuttt.

I usually don't put a shitload of meaning in my comments, but parents need to understand that kids need some street smarts to go along with the book smarts. It'll make the real world seem a little less scary.

OP could have prevented this by not raising a sheltered kid. He's probably one of those bitchy, blond suburban moms.

ever heard of the 'sheltering suburban mom' meme? fits here perfectly

I guess it's a matter of opinion as to wether or not Berkley is the best public school.

Better that she knows what weed smells like than crack?

Berkely is good but I know about 5 other ones just as good

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'Berkeley is indeed the number one public institution in the world, not just the U.S. (:

public had absolutely nothing to do with it. I go to a private college and tons of people smoke.

mwell if she is studdying to become something like police, they have to learn how to smell and detect weed miles away :)

That's what uni is for. She will do great b

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Many people who smoked weed have...and she just friggin started. I say she's off to a great start.

hey man, lots of lawyers cops and doctors smoke.

115 - OP never said she knew what smoking weed is like, only what it smells like. I found out what weed smelled like at a concert last summer, doesn't mean I smoked it

Actually she won't, but she'll sure go high

158- that's not true. My father is a lawyer and for him he had to take a test before being hired where they hooked him up to a lie detector and asked him questions, much about drug use and other thing (sexual abuse, etc). He said if any lawyer had smoked weed more than 3 times intentional they didn't get the job. I believe this process is used widely but don't quote me

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Be proud she learned something. It's a start, right?

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With the green cloud surrounding her she will make it through college

Awww I'm sorry well at least u did the right thing :)