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By fxck - 04/02/2015 19:28

Today, at work, I sneezed so hard that I hit my head on my cash register. A second later, I heard roaring laughter from the security room, followed by someone saying to play it back. I'd almost convinced myself it wasn't about me, when one of the guys came out and gave me a thumbs-up. FML
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Wow, you took "knocking some common cents in" literally.

On the bright side, you're sort of but not really a reality star now


That's harsh

Harsh but hilarious to anyone but the OP.

Was there some sort of pub to this comment that I am not getting?

Bless you?

Keep your head up about OP

That pun. Just no.

SystemofaBlink41 27

You. Just no.

GrimReefer66 29

Did it open?

"In other news, the world is seeing a dramatic rise in theft of pepper. Robbers are using the spice to spiral cashiers into sneezing fits, which inadvertently opens registers. On the plus side, these spastic reactions are what is ultimately knocking all the robbers out when they go for the money, Bruce Lee style."

On the bright side, you're sort of but not really a reality star now

Wow, you took "knocking some common cents in" literally.

GrimReefer66 29

I laughed way to hard at this!

#53 No, I'm pretty sure they meant took..

LMAO at this! Well said #5

Your security staff is a dick!

Are dicks? I think it's meant to be plural. Unless the security guy was laughing to himself and asking himself to play it back...

Damn turned that around real quick! Actually made me chuckle #26. I'm happy and impressed.

I think you should also point one of your fingers at them, but not your thumb.

You mean point it upward?

I need to see this!

nattlecakes 19

Sounds like you might need to work on laughing at yourself. If that happened to me I would definitely want to see the tape and probably laugh too!

How are you not laughing at that yourself?! That's hysterical