By Anonymous - 11/10/2015 13:25 - United States - Evansville

Today, the guy I've been seeing for a little over a week proposed to me. FML
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*finishes the rest of the song by AWOLNATION*

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OP shouldn't think about it even if he was an 8-10. There is something wrong if he proposes after a week.

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And I thought guys were supposed to be the shallow ones

In the back of my mind I knew this would be the top comment.

Now now. She should say yes and not break the guy's heart. Who knows, maybe he really loves her and isnt a creep. One week is long enough, right? /s

132 are you the guy that proposed to OP?

Do you finish each other's sandwiches...? I'll show myself out....

It's a Frozen reference, and I'm saddened that it was both made and I got it.

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But then Anna redeemed herself when she fell in love with Kristoff. And that took much longer... two... days. Never mind.

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She fell in love with Kristoff in the average time of influenza's incubation period.

#34 at least when she fell in love with Kristoff, they started DATING at the end of the movie instead of getting ENGAGED, at least that's good

That's what i was gonna say! Yeah I'll come along with you...

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When i said "what?" This comment was downvoted so thats why i was confused but lol

omg I've been singing that song all morning...It's been stuck in my head?

Too early! Maybe if u like him ...Insist on staying just friends for a while.. Get to know each other well :)

Yeah and then maybe get stabbed by a knife if he's a freak :)

I don't think someone who wants to tie the knot as soon as possible is willing to start out as friends?

He went a little too far a little too fast...

Run! Run very fast and very far away! Might even be a good idea to change your name and appearence!

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