By justthinkofyourhand - 13/07/2014 22:36 - United States - Salida

Today, after five years of dating, my boyfriend finally proposed to me. The words "just think of the tax breaks" were uttered. FML
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you gotta keeper; } I love tax breaks.


michaelaranda 28

Pretty sure ops boyfriend was just super nervous when he mentioned it. He was probably trying to sweeten the deal.

A piece of paper controls everyone's life.

Most people would probably never have been married if there wasn't something to do with cash/ Debt

hahaha little does he know, very very few people get any tax benefit for being married!! Most of the time it costs more!

If heard this so many times on fml

MrsFlowers 9

What did you say?

aimee0027 17

Look at her name. Very appropriate response in my opinion.

I mean, that can't be his only reason. It's possible that he simply became nervous and began spouting possible advantages to marriage. Seeing as OP stuck with him for five years, and seemed to want him to propose (with her usage of "finally"), I personally do not think rejecting him just for that is a good choice. Assuming OP loves him, saying no would be a mistake. I opine, we do not have enough details to judge this, and you could very well be right.

#32 beat me to it.

You said no, right?

You are not serious, right?

5 years of a relationship destroyed by those words? uhhh

I think OP's boyfriend was trying to be funny at that moment. Marriage proposal can be a difficult time for some people and some people use humor to lessen that stress.

weeping_angel_ 13

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Woah, breaking up for that? That guy must have been really determined to spend 5 years of his life with someone and then marry them *just* for tax breaks.

That's quite a jump, dude. I don't think he deserves to be DUMPED for that; he was probably just extremely nervous. They've been together for 5 years, if OP thought he was a bad boyfriend, she would have dumped him long before this.

You had to have said no.

Respect101 17

really? 5 years? you don't just throw 5 years down the drain like that.

Saying no to a marriage proposal doesn't automatically mean break up you know

you gotta keeper; } I love tax breaks.

srudez 14

what a practical man...

jack_jill05 14

he was just being proactive for your future together.

Well in this economy tax breaks can be very beneficial. Not a good enough reason for marriage though.