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  Raidriar  |  14

I mean, that can't be his only reason. It's possible that he simply became nervous and began spouting possible advantages to marriage. Seeing as OP stuck with him for five years, and seemed to want him to propose (with her usage of "finally"), I personally do not think rejecting him just for that is a good choice. Assuming OP loves him, saying no would be a mistake.
I opine, we do not have enough details to judge this, and you could very well be right.

  mete_orito  |  34

I think OP's boyfriend was trying to be funny at that moment. Marriage proposal can be a difficult time for some people and some people use humor to lessen that stress.

  introductionn  |  13

That's quite a jump, dude. I don't think he deserves to be DUMPED for that; he was probably just extremely nervous. They've been together for 5 years, if OP thought he was a bad boyfriend, she would have dumped him long before this.