By skidoosh - 14/07/2011 01:44 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years still refuses to memorize my phone number or remember my birthday because he says there is a limited amount of space in his brain and he does not want to push any important information out. FML
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Forget where his **** is located. You've only got so much space in your brain. You've got to forget about all the small, insignificant things.

chefinheels88 5

His brain must be super tiny


chefinheels88 5

His brain must be super tiny

barcalover 2

yup he must b blonde. tehe sorry to all the blondes. :)

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Well that's smart of him to think that.

actuatly people with small brains are smarter than people with bigger brains... so i think he has a very very very big brain :D

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that's not the only thing that must be tiny. *sigh* so overused...

actually the size of the brain has nothing to do with how smart a person is.

it doesnt matter how big his brain is. he's just plain stupid


no he's a genius op can never bitch about him not texting or calling her and he'll never have to worry about a birthday present.


it's the perfect plan! this guy is like the einstein of relationships! How did no one think of this before?!?

Le sigh, I was late and now everyone is saying "dump him". Well OP, the number thing sort of baffles me because I'm sure your boyfriend calls you enough to have known your number subconsciously, I don't get how he could "refuse" to memorize it. The birthday thing is definitely something you two should discuss. Don't worry guys, I actually read the FML this time. :P *reads over comment 583992 times to make sure that none of my herp derpness accidentally slipped through*

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He can remember how much inches he is but yet he can't remember your birthday? Nice information he's stored in there, sounds like a keeper

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3, read the username. uh daww :D

and his penis must be super huge if you are willing to put up with that shit for this long.

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if that was true, he'd be the man with a plan

some people have bad memories. deal with it

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didnt homer simpson say that?

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39, I hardly remember any numbers no matter how many times I call them. I usually input it into my cellphone once, then I pretty much see a name when I call people.

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well generally yes. as you learn things your brain shrinks in size, or it appears so because your brain creates a new wrinkle every time you learn. but a bigger brain still doesn't mean dumber. some people just naturally have bigger brains

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ok chill guys it was a joke

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that's pretty much a homer quote.

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soooo dumb people have small brains?? am i the only one thinking this is getting really off topic

actually it is the amount of wrinkles in the brain that matter so his brain must be super smooth

Forget where his **** is located. You've only got so much space in your brain. You've got to forget about all the small, insignificant things.

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I bet your bf's one of those people that makes your I.q. drop everytime he speaks....

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he can't possibly forget important things like the lyrics to garden grove by sublime

That's why we have cell phones. Nothing needs to be memorized!

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Not an excuse. He's exactly right. Einstein did the same thing!!

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Least you know where you stand with him. What an asshole!

You must love the way he treats you and talks to you since you've been with him for 2 1/2 years.

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yeah and you still call him your boyfriend so.. you'll get over it in no time

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Seriously, OP completely deserves this for not leaving him and then whining about what an ass/idiot he is. Noted that she didn't call him an ass or an idiot.

lcecreamNSadness 2

If it wasn't for him , you wouldn't have a FML post either.

is he possibly the other guy that knows all the Pokemon names?

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Birthday The location of the antidote Pick 1 OP.

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tell him that you'll forget to "please" him if doesn't stop being a dumb ass. lol