By skidoosh - United States
Today, my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years still refuses to memorize my phone number or remember my birthday because he says there is a limited amount of space in his brain and he does not want to push any important information out. FML
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Le sigh, I was late and now everyone is saying "dump him". Well OP, the number thing sort of baffles me because I'm sure your boyfriend calls you enough to have known your number subconsciously, I don't get how he could "refuse" to memorize it. The birthday thing is definitely something you two should discuss.

Don't worry guys, I actually read the FML this time. :P

*reads over comment 583992 times to make sure that none of my herp derpness accidentally slipped through*

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well generally yes. as you learn things your brain shrinks in size, or it appears so because your brain creates a new wrinkle every time you learn. but a bigger brain still doesn't mean dumber. some people just naturally have bigger brains