By thanksjerk - 11/08/2009 05:01 - Canada

Today, I was talking with my friend-turned boyfriend and cutely told him that I could no longer remember all the things that he used to do that bothered me. He told me he could remember every one of mine and listed them all off for me. FML
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I bet you remember at least one thing that he did that annoyed now? ;-)

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Urgh, why are there so many girls saying that they told their bf's something 'cutely'?


So the **** what?! YDI, guess you don't appreciate honesty.

Yet another one of the whiny girlfriend FMLs.

Agree w/12. FYL for having an honest boyfriend. Yep. FYL for sure.

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what happened to the first comment? o_O

meh so what, i tease my girlfriend about all the things she used to do to me before we were together all the time, just for fun too, totally not a FML or YDI, just a caring bf teasing you

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YDI for being cutesy. Did you expect him to say how perfect you are now?

I bet you remember at least one thing that he did that annoyed now? ;-)

Was lying one of his things that bothered him? Because I'm pretty sure you walked right into it, and who honestly believes that?

And you were expecting what exactly? Appreciating honesty and self-improvement never hurt anybody.

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Urgh, why are there so many girls saying that they told their bf's something 'cutely'?

Agreed, stop trying to be cute, you either are or you arent. These kind of fml's really are annoying, 90% of the crap on this site is girls thinking they're cute and having it backfire or they're trying to impress someone and guess what, it backfires.

If you hadn't been fishing for compliments this wouldn't have happened....

Yeah ydi? What kind of statement is that? You were just asking to get shut down.

How does she deserve this? She was just trying to be nice. Honesty is often overrated, and if we knew everything our partners think of us, we'd be gravely disappointed, as well as they'd be if they knew everything we think about them. So this guy is not honest- he's just arrogant enough to humiliate his girlfriend. Idiotic, if you ask me.

lol honesty is overrated fail your dad has a bastard child and is spending half his money on another family oh but i cant lol at the situation, honesty is overrated convincing troll is too convincing

As far as trolls go, with a name like "senior_dingdong" I don't believe you have much room to speak.

Lying to say that you don't mind the things that bother you often leads to deeper, more serious problems later on.

Agreed with 40. It was a nice sentiment, OP, but seriously, don't bs your lover. You'll just have more problems, and it'll most likely hurt their feelings when you get into an argument and say things like "WELL I HAVE ALWAYS HATED YOUR ******* MOLE" because they thought you had no problem with it, maybe even liked it. (Granted, that's a rather simple example, just replace it with something that would be truly bothering and you'll see what I mean better; I, at the moment, can't think well) On the bright side, now you know about the things that bother him and can maybe fix them.

Oh boo hoo. If you do things that bother people, expect them to be bothered. Don't expect compliments just because you bullshit around. This was a lose-lose situation for him. He could either be honest, and you would complain, or he could lie, and you would probably still complain.