By BirthdayGirl - United States
Today, my boyfriend decided that lunch with his guys was more important than spending time with me. This is the second year in a row that he has cancelled on me. How do I remember the date so well? It's my birthday. FML
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  sublimaze  |  6

go out with some hot girlfriends, get completely shitfaced, take lots of pics of you and your friends naked all over each other. he will never miss another birthday

  DGross  |  8

I agree with #1... he obviously doesn't care as much as he probably should after a year if he's still skipping like that, especially to hangout with his friends. I say it's time to confront him / get a new BF

  mshafty  |  0

Seriously. I'm tired of these my bf is ass and inconsiderate FML's. Your boy friend is an asshole! its not hard to remember and do something nice for your significant other on their bday. Stop being so pathetic and find someone better!

By  jammi  |  0

what an asshole... okay, guys do tend to have kind of a bad memory, but really, he should remember his girlfriend's birthday, especially since you've dated for so long. Also, he should feel sooo bad for him cancelling on you last year that this year he would make it even better for you and spend the whole day with you, giving you some cute present, and tell you he loves you. tell him to man up.

  kei1108  |  13

You are overgeneralizing people. You can't say that one gender has worse memory than the other. Why do people not freak out about that as much?! It's like saying that African Americans eat more fried chicken.
Also, the term "man up" is really stupid.
P.S. I hate the comment that the first guy replied with. He had a good point, but then he just got stupid and was a hypocrite.

By  jammi  |  0

And oh, by the way, why the fuck does people even click on the "you totally deserved it!"-button on this one?! Wht the hell did OP do to deserve getting her birthday forgotten by her boyfriend? Stupid jerks.