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Today, I found out my boyfriend can name each and every Pokémon, but can't remember my birthday. FML
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Start acting like a pickchue he'll pay more attention to you. Give his balls a thundershock; that'll get his attention.

Well, he's not going to Raichu a love song. Don't be Gloom and act like a Mankey. Go be Chansey with another man and hopefully he won't be a Mr. Mime. Also, don't tell your Ma to choke him. Otherwise, you might have Ninetails to tell your children. ...too far?

Idonebeenhad 17
Idonebeenhad 17
yougotapes 7

28 lol hilarious I love pokemon :) op don't fret. have a pokemon theme party for ur birthday!

SwaggerMelon 6

I want to squirtle in your jigglypuff.

Cosplay as Misty and ask him to be your Ash!

Orcina1 3

None of this 649 crap.. it's all about the original 151... the real pokemon

nateb1tch 1

You should learn the Pokérap so you two can have common beliefs.'s some more tips. If the situation turns Gastly, make sure you Rapidly dash back home for some Shellder. At least he wasn't a pervert and Pikachu in the bathroom. Good thing he didn't try to make you Drowzee because then it would be Onyx-eptible. If that happened, you would be Missing, no?

121. your comments are so funny they make my weedle all ticklly. I'm ready to throw some great balls your way

kisshu_fml 6

remember kids. gotta catch em all refers to pokemon. not STD's

God damn it #146 why didn't you say so earlier?!

tell him ur a pokemon? GOTTA **** EM ALL(?)

please the pokemon rap is outdated there's way more than 150 now bloody thousands

FMMFL1992 3

I only know the original pokemon

imagine how long the poké rap would be now days

swaggermelon- how dare you use pokemon for inappropriate terms! that's just mean

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

28- so good I think I had a mini ****** :o

nilin95 1

hey pokemon gotta know them all.

well you have your own pokedex now

MeRcixXxTRiPp 0

that is VERY IMPORTANT information!!! it shouldn't be pushed out for one day!

28-that was wicked ;) haha do you have anymore? lol

when I first saw this fml, I thought of that smosh video hahaha!

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well you've gotta catch 'em all, OP. seriously :P

He wants to be the very best, like no one ever could.

I just upvoted this comment to make it 151 likes :)

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not his fault pokeman is awesome

So awesome that you forgot how to spell it?

Pokemon is amazing! i have every pokemon game in exsistence. and im a girl!

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

How is you being a girl at all relevant? Pokemon is for all.

What's that meant to mean 'and I'm a girl'? Stop being stereotypical and sexist.

I'm a girl and have every pokemon game, I even hung a pokemon toy in my car. who cares if you're a girl, girls can play video games, it's not that weird.

I'm a little more concerned about the fact that #17 seems to have put up a real picture of herself... and also seems young and naive enough to believe that it's okay for her to use her full name as a screen name.

Pokéman is the singular form of pokémon, obviously.

flockz 19

i wouldnt find pokemon as entertaining if it had "man" in it...

LOLbomb 1

Seriously, pokemon is annoying and childish to me. Of course, you're entitled to your interests, but God Almighty. First of all, the only word that a pokemon can say is their own name, which makes me wanna punch a baby when 2 pokemon are having a casual conversation. Second, the voice acting is just simply awful and boring. Third, every episode is the same damn thing. They start by walking some trail, they battle someone new, and then everthing is just A okay! With the occasional team rocket intervention. Simply annoying and repetetive series. :/

LOLbomb 1

And yes, I was refering to the television series. But ever pokemon game is the same to me.

#109, don't forget, meowth can talk :D

LOLbomb 1

122, Oh yeah, I forgot about him. Shame! D:

whoisthisgirl 4

I've been playing since red and blue came out with my neighbor Michael who lived down the street! I still play, it brings me back to those days where I would just sit outside and not have a care in the world... besides having stronger pokemon than him lol

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quick question.. is your boyfriend the black guy on YouTube

Iamaninchworm 0

You mean maker almighty I hope.

wild LOLbomb appears. dolphincheddar used common sense! it's a one-hit KO! wild LOLbomb fainted. but srsly. i played pokemon when i was young, I may find it a bit kiddish now but who the **** cares its a game, not to mention rated e for.. oh ya. everyone? don't diss the pokemon bro. the founders of it are some rich ass people. there's even a pokemon amusement park in japan. which is pretty epic

iLove2LoveU 0

I like how 17 changed her pic after what 54 said haha

LOLbomb 1

145, It goes to a certain extent when, in this case, the OP's boyfriend is probably like 20. Considering that there are Looney Tunes, Nickolodeon, and Disneyworld amusement parks, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Pokemon one as well. Fact of the matter is that ADULTS go to those places for the rides (You'd have to be well over 4 ft tall to ride a standard rollercoaster) and the CHILDREN go for the themes. Kids couldn't care less what the point of a program is. But this is FML. I doubt there are very many children on this site. No matter how you look at it, pokemon was invented for younger audiences. I never said I didn't watch it when I was little. But know that I think back, I was stupid when I was younger. Everyone was. *Epic Boss Battle Music* Wild Lolbomb uses facepalm. It's super-effective!

i see what you mean, but I find your realistic pokemon reference at the end to be ironic to your argument

And yet, you've watched it enough times to have memorized the plot line...

well, you cant blame him. you get sucked into pokemon. he cant help knowing each and every pokemon lol

Umm... No offense, but if there are creepers on this site you have kinda pointed it out, I mean I didn't really notice till your comment...

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You people have obviously never witnessed the excitement of catching a shiny Pidgey.

53 your comment is pathetic and 75 the raiders are pathetic

75 Wtf is with your shitty, intolerant attitude? =S

38 ur screen name is pathetic, u fanboy

Iamaninchworm 0

(Directed at 75 but not limited to) lol. Why would anyone care about a birthday it's just a meaningless number. 7 billion people have a birthday each year whatever makes you think birthdates have any symbiotic meaning? On the other hand... Pokemon is a way of life

75 - There are plenty of girls that love Pokemon too. And why shouldn't a guy like Pokemon? I personally remember Pokemon fondly from my childhood, I see nothing wrong with that.

excuse me OP, but why are you on FML and not in the kitchen?

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Tadeusz_fml 5

Stop attacking the people you perceive to be anti-pokemon. Despite the fact that they are allowed to think that pokemon is pathetic and to a great extent it is, the comment is that the chap in question knows all the pokemon monsters but not his girlfriend's birthday. In this case the girl was complaining because evidently the chap takes pokemon more seriously than he does her, and that is pathetic. it's also pathetic that either you're all missing the point or you all genuinely sympathise with him.

webber628 0

not at all, while playing, you subconcioulsly ( sorry for spelling) learn the names, but a birthday comes once a year. if he dosent memorize it he should write it down but pokemon has nothing to do wit this anyway

iLOLatURpain69 7

Well pokemon has a song. Make a song about your date of birth so he will remember.

Takador 3

I'm having trouble with the Unova dex :/

yourlifesfucked 0

I wish you were a pokemon, so i could take a pikachu! ....

Your pickup line could be: "If you were a pokemon, i'd choose you!" ;D

yourlifesfucked 0

Ha, that one's not even mildly innapropriate though =(.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

FYL. But on the other hand this can be vital if there's ever a pokemon war >:O

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Can you remember his birthday? Cause honestly, if he's good to you in all other respects, who cares?

saIty 17

He's gotta catch them all... POKEMON!!!!!

Not too special...I know many nerds that are like that and if I'm honest - birthdays are hard to remeber =/ numbers in general are harder to remeber then names

spelling is also hard to remember too.

SirObvious 1

numbers are hard to remember?

pitchblease 2

priorities, he's doing it right. how else do you expect him to be a pokemon master?