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  dmoran20  |  27

Classic for only a select group, case in point the girl was unimpressed and probably freaked out. On a side note just come in as a teletubby tomorrow I want to see your next FML

  MDTeddy  |  13

This is why guys can't find a gf. They run into all the girls that are terrified and so turned off by cool things like Power Rangers. It would actually bother me more if she was turned off from quoting Pokemon. I am pretty sure little kids won't know what IVs or EVs are and whether or not their Pokemon is physical or special...and if the move is physical or special.

  poopsi  |  19

54, I wouldn't generalize every girl to be like that. I myself was raised around video games and "boys tv shows" because I had no female friends as a child. 'twas always me and my brother. By the way, I stinkin' love Pokémon. ; - ;