By Goldar - 10/04/2013 02:44 - United States

Today, thinking I was alone at work, I did an impression of Goldar from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I turned around to find out I wasn't alone; a cute girl was staring at me, unimpressed. FML
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Power rangers, like pokemon, will never grow old, they shall both always be classics.

"The less you care, the happier you'll be." - Patrick Star


Power rangers, like pokemon, will never grow old, they shall both always be classics.

dmoran20 27

Classic for only a select group, case in point the girl was unimpressed and probably freaked out. On a side note just come in as a teletubby tomorrow I want to see your next FML

ColCyclone 17

Aye aye aye zordon

hellbilly205 17

If she was unimpressed by power rangers, shes not worth your time.

This is why guys can't find a gf. They run into all the girls that are terrified and so turned off by cool things like Power Rangers. It would actually bother me more if she was turned off from quoting Pokemon. I am pretty sure little kids won't know what IVs or EVs are and whether or not their Pokemon is physical or special...and if the move is physical or special.

54, I wouldn't generalize every girl to be like that. I myself was raised around video games and "boys tv shows" because I had no female friends as a child. 'twas always me and my brother. By the way, I stinkin' love Pokémon. ; - ;

Interwebzombie 15

At 54, I'm not a little kid and when I play pokemon I don't pay attention to any of those things. I play pokemon because pokemon.

I grew up with Pokemon and power rangers. I don't even like any of them.

How can she be unimpressed?! I'd be laughing my tits out! People these days are so alien ):

That's what happens when you make assumptions.

You give Mario a bad name!

That's when you say "My friend dared me."

^ I heard Goldar was there, and said "do an impression of me, NOW!"

HooyoMacaan 7

Haven't we all done silly things thinking we're alone.

Unfortunately, he wasn't, but it would have still qualified as FML if he was still alone.

When you feel like youre alone, you never are. Especially if your working and/or its night.

Unless you're the boss, or the only person who locks up assume you aren't alone!

7- You used "you're" correctly the first time - albeit without the apostrophe, yet you fouled it up the second time?

You have heard of such things called typos right?

You should meet my boss he watches Power Rangers every shift !

chelsearenaeee 16

Sounds like she's not worth it then.

Goldar? Zordon or GTFO!

Maybe she'll be your pink ranger.

She is obviously Rita. You need to be Lord Zedd in order to get her.