By rosabelle91 - 17/06/2012 14:58 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I realised that my boyfriend calls me "bitch" more often than he calls me by my actual name. FML
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The only b word you should ever call a girl is beautiful, bitches love to be called beautiful.

Confront him and tell him you don't like it.


The only b word you should ever call a girl is beautiful, bitches love to be called beautiful.

Dump him sweetheart, coming from a fellow Aussie, you should have a guy who strives to make you feel good.

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why don't u start calling him an asshole 24/7 and see how he likes it?

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Well if you stay with him and allow it then YDI

Confront him and tell him you don't like it.

Yeah, like that's just going to automatically make him stop calling OP bitch.

In this case I would probably say you should leave him. That's no way to talk to a woman let alone your girlfriend

Totally agree 13. Finally there's an FML where a girlfriend can dump her boyfriend with a perfect excuse why.

I agree with 13 also. If a man ever called me one, he will be slapped. Some people have no respect.

Some boys tend to think its a respectful and playful name. He could've meant it in a good way.

In no way can 'bitch' be used in a respectful way.

No there's no way calling a girl a bitch is respectful. I don't know what planet you live on, but where I'm from girls get pissed when you do that. OP why the hell are you still with this guy after he's been calling you bitch so many times? Why do you continue to put up with it?!

OP if you were smart you would be saying ex-boyfriend.

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You should make him YOUR bitch.

My girlfriend and I call each other "bitch" and "asshole" all the time. It's kind of like our version of "dear" and "honey"

Yea that makes sense "hey bitch, can you get me a glass of water?" reply "sure honey".... Get real dude, my woman would slap the piss out of me and any self respecting woman would do the same lol

Maybe she's an unbearable bitch? Did no one consider that?

Yeah but each couple is different. It's okay of you are both cool with it. OP doesn't seem to be otherwise why would she post on here? Even if he's joking or thinks its cute if she doesn't like it he should stop. Of course that would require a big grown up conversation...

11 - It's actually a reasonable solution if he's just joking! My boyfriend used to address me in the same way as OP's boyfriend, and he was simply joking around, not realizing it bothered me. I confronted him about it and told him it hurt my feelings and he stopped. If he's being serious and disrespectful though, I agree that the relationship should be ended

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Now this definitely sounds like a healthy relationship.

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Ur black you would slap th shot out someone for no reason

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It's just not cool if your boyfriend says it that often. Every now and then my boyfriend will call me a bitch jokingly if we're playing around but not that often.

Shut up and make me a sandwich bitch!

If he's calling you bitch more than any other pet name and your name, something is wrong. Ask him if he could tone it down and if he doesn't stop, then he'll be single soon and you won't be called a bitch, at least by him, anymore. I've never let any of my boyfriends jokingly call me a bitch and I never will.

Maybe he thinks it's a term of endearment!

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Maybe he's joking? I call my boyfriend my bitch ;P

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Although, OP, if he's serious and won't stop if it bothers you, dump him. That's disrespectful.

40) why would he joke about it? What OP is saying is he addresses her as bitch more often then not and since this is an FML I'm assuming he's serious about it too.

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"You know, you call me bitch a lot. It's not really a term of endearment." -Easy A

Maybe his new name should be ex-boyfriend...??

Oooorr maybe her boyfriend is pyrobooby from Youtube. I feel so sorry for you, mudabitch. :(

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wooowww i wouldnt even LET him call me a bitch

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Of course she does! She's boy crazii.

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^ your comment matches with her profile picture. LOL

85-Chill the **** out. Nobody is hitting on anyone. In fact, they're doing exactly what you're accusing them of missing; making jokes. And there's no need to defend her. I'm pretty sure she wasn't trying to look attractive in her photo. If she was, then...well....

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Lol you all just made my day:p

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Have you ever BEEN to Paris or are you one of the girls that wear shirts like, "I

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I think she looks pretty sexxi in her picture, but I guess that's just me.

Does anybody have a translator? I would like to know what the hell 161 just said.

K, someone can like a certain place without speaking their language. I love Italy but I don't speak Italian. geez people

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I don't get why you're picking on her. You people need to grow the **** up and stop bullying someone for no good reason.

Et si je parles francais, je suis meilleur? Et se parlo anche l'Italiano...vol dire che solo io pup amare l'Italia? Nonsense.

161- Your grammar skills are almost as much of a "FML" than the OP's....

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You should NEVER let a guy disrespect you that way.

Nice job with the triple posting, it really helps get your point across!

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Shit does happen, naturally, but ******* it doesn't make it go away!

I don't know why you got thumbed down. Your point was valid (if not obvious) regardless of your triple post.

You should NEVER let a guy disrespect you that way.

You should NEVER let a guy disrespect you that way.

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Since when did disrespect become a verb?

204, please tell me that was a joke.

Well the bird obviously has more sense than you.

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Bird is the word! Sorry i had to do it!

Lol @ 205's pic. It's like the cat is starting up in disbelief at 204's fail.

How does he pronounce the exclamation point?

the same way !Xobile pronounces the exclamation point in his name. *prays you get the reference so I don't look like a complete idiot*


russell ... somebody gonna get hurt real bad

In some African tribes, they click their tongues to create the ! sound. B*click*tch

Looks like he has 99 problems and a bitch IS one lol

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Why are you with someone who disrespects you? He should be calling you nice name, Beautiful, gorgeous, baby, babe, but bitch shouldn't ever be in his vocabulary directed towards you...

Bitches know they loved to be called bitches. Why else would they call each other bitches.

A little extreme there maybe? Im all for the respect but quit living in your fake little disney land worlds. The guy she's with is a little dumb but i doubt he's trying to be mean.

192 - Disneyland worlds? Wrong metaphor there, in my opinion.

Sure name calling seems harmless now, but it might slowly escalate to mental abuse and then maybe physical abuse. I say dump him while you can....

yeah bitch! YDI because you obviously like such an asshole or you wouldn't still be dating

The only b word you should ever call a girl is beautiful, bitches love to be called beautiful.