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  Real4Real  |  11

Agreed, whatever the situation, it is sad that some ppl feel the need to continually bring up something that is done and over with. Let it go and be there for your loved one, last thing they need is more stress and anxiety about the next time you bring it up.

  Real4Real  |  11

If you tell me your mom visits you in the hospital everyday and immediately slaps you in the face, should I feel bad for you? I would rather the slap, its quick, over and done with.

By  sweet_ivory  |  0

Maybe it's a defense mechanism, being abrasive so she doesn't have to deal with the stress of you being in the hospital? Either way FYL, and hope you get well soon OP!

By  Aylla89  |  3

Isn't there a way to ban or prevent unwanted visitors? It doesn't matter her reasoning, even if it's because she's stressed or hurting, YOU are the one with apparently serious kidney issues, a vital organ for living, and you no doubt already feel bad about missing the holiday with loved ones. That's definitely abusive even on just an emotional level. I can only hope you take action OP or are strong enough to weather her words.

By  brodes1899  |  0

I'm going to the hospital now for my kidney lol. And to make it better my mothers said to me all day that it was just back pain, oh to make it all the better we were in the middle of her birthday party, so I guess my goal really is to just fuck up her day ;)

By  Qandol  |  26

Tell her if she continues with the same topic, then you'll purposely going to miss Christmas as well if she don't stop making you feel bad.