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  remy_xi  |  0

Oh, yes. Calling someone else a lightweight so COMPLETELY makes you sound tough and bad-ass. You have no way of knowing how much she drank, jackass. For all you know she could have had an entire fifth of vodka and twelve fucking beers. Also, men who drink too much not only get ED, but on the rare occasion they CAN get it up, their semen taste horrible because of all the alcohol in their system. The only good thing about it is that your liver is likely to have shriveled up and quit working by the time you're old enough to have figured out the rules of grammar - a date that I would suppose is a good decade and a half away.

  popoman  |  0

Whether she was a lightweight or not, she's still an idiot for drinking past her limit. By the time you're close to your limit, you should know and stop, especially if someone else (like your boyfriend) warns you. In other words, the OP totally deserved it.

AND who gives a damn about men who drink and get ED? That has nothing to do with this FML, and neither does you and your experience sucking drunk people's penises and drinking their semen (I assume you know how it tastes due to experience.). It's okay that you have a lot of experience giving BJs. We don't need or want to know about the taste of alcoholic semen.

  jpd212  |  1

to #47: um........sensitive much? what are you, the OP's defense attorney? chill the fuck out, it was a comment, change your tampon size cuz clearly it's bothering you

By  Monkeybuttorama  |  0

classy. just in case you were wondering, you are the one everyone makes fun of when they are drunk. you are also the person everyone compares to when they do something stupid; "well I might have done --- but at least I wasn't like HER!"

YDI for having no self-control and being trashy.