By turnmyphoneoff

The Phone Call

Today, I got a drunken call from my boyfriend, which consisted of him telling me that he, "does man things like fuck bitches and roll with hoes," and that I've been, "trying to turn him into a half-ass girly man," but, "that shit ain't right." Then he threw up. FML
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By  TrashlifeKaylala  |  12

Sounds to me like being with you prevented him from doing something while he was out. Especially if hes out with his friends. Potentially stayed loyal but bitter he couldnt act like a fuck boy. Dump him

By  slym12312425  |  9

sounds like he was a fuck boy to begin with and was getting ragged on by is Idiot Friends while out with them for not cheating on you. plus one for loyalty minus... Well more than one for all of the idiocy that phone call contained. the solution? Dump his ass and find somebody who has enough respect for you to not drunk dial you and disrespect you in that way.