By Tristansefam1367 - 12/03/2012 13:11 - United States

Today, I was shopping for tampons when a cute guy came over and gave me his number. He said, "Call me in 3 to 5 days." FML
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On the bright side, you just got a cute guys' number.


On the bright side, you just got a cute guys' number.

There's no way this is an FML, you scored on your period and he's cute. If anything CELEBRATE.

I doubt she even cares for the guy after that

If he was serious, I hope you don't call him, op.

27- he's obviously trolling her. He wants her to call him AFTER her period is over. Seems he already has plans for her. What a jokester.

Or it could be a genuine sense of humor. Like saying 'Call me in 3-5 days' could mean 'you're really cute. Here's my number. Call me in 3-5 days so I can have your full attention.' or what not. I'm trying to see the positive side in this. Everyone assumes this guy is just a tool-box and doesn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt. He could be a really good guy! :)

Or maybe he just wants to get to know the real her the first time.

Or maybe he broke his phone and he's expecting a new one in 3-5 days...just a thought

Always look to the future!

Smart men don't make comments about a woman's period to said woman.

why not, every girl has the problem. its nature

Problem?... Problem?.... Opportunity!!!!

Not that smart... Because red week is head week!

Men in general obviously dont speak to one of the people who replied to this comment.

Geeky me read it with a Skyrim guard's voice. I might have gone to jail too often..

In that case you know he only wants to get in your pants

Most likely, but not necessarily. He may want to avoir her PMS which will last roughly the same time

48- I think Marilyn Monroe has a quote that argues against what you said perfectly.

Maybe he just wants to avoid the symptoms that go along with her period so she has a chance to make a good first impression. On the other hand... Dude: Your pants are so shiny. OP: what??? Dude: Your pants are so shiny, I can see myself in them.

65- what quote is that?

Or he just wants to get to know her without having to worry if she's going to spazz out on him -_- Jeez, you're really negatively minded, aren't cha?

It is my understanding that 3-5 days is the standard waiting period after meeting somebody new. I think it works out perfectly.

He's got a sense of humor. That's a good thing. Call him :)

I agree ...... Maybe call him one month later?

As well as balls, if he can say that to a PMSing chick.

29- Wouldn't PMS be... I don't know, after the "Menstrual" part? Just checking up on my knowledge of the word "post".

Check again. PMS is pre-menstrual stress, I.e. girls getting irritable before the period due to the hormone rollercoaster.

114- well then check your knowledge for the word 'pre' because PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome ...

At least, you know what is on its mind...

I believe #6 was referring to the guys penis... Not the head he is supposed to think with.

Major awkwardness!!!

That man has class.

I'd call him. That's pretty darn funny

Not really an FML. If anything, he's considerate.

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