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Today, I found a job after two years of searching. I excitedly called my best friend to tell her the good news. She decided break her own news about how she quit yet another good paying job and found an even better one within hours. FML
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This actually happened a couple months ago, but I'm currently very happy with my new job (I work as a sales associate for my local grocery store, if you're wondering). I WAS very happy for my friend but I couldn't help but to be irritated at her luck of continuously quitting and finding jobs with ease (She works with elderly people). I had been near the breaking point when I finally got the job. My best friend, however, has continuously quit jobs and gotten new ones in no time. We obviously work in different fields and, even though I seemed jealous, I was very happy to hear she was able to land on her feet after quitting her job. We joke about it now and she apologized if she seemed rude and all is fine. :) I love the people I work with and am getting good pay. Win win! We're both happy with our current positions and things couldn't be better!

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Another person employed! Or two people, actually.

MzZombicidal 36

Yes, I'm very excited and lucky to be employed with such great people. :)

Or charisma. Or better resumes. Or harder work ethic when it comes to looking for a job. It should never take 2 years to find a job.

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#33, is that so? You'd be amazed.

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#2, seriously! The time it took my friend and me to find ONE job, my other friend managed to get like 4 different ones! If he doesn't like where he works he quits and just applies somewhere else. it's crazy! I hate him -,- haha but all in time as I like to tell myself.

I know it's hard OP. I just myself landed a job finally after 18 months. I'm sure she's happy for you.

MzZombicidal 36

Thank you. :) Also, congratulations on your new job!! :D

MzZombicidal 36

Well at least you have a job now, OP. I still haven't been able to find a job! :( not even a shitty minimum wage job!

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Don't let it get under your skin. I'm sure your hard work will pay off much better in the long run. :) Besides, who knows what she's doing to get that money ;P(I kid, of course)

Hey, your two years of searching finally paid off though! Good for you!

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She's just jealous OP, I'm sure she didn't find a better job.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

Or she did, and she was sharing her news also.

Well, why aren't you just happy you finally found a job? Why is her success more important to you than your own?

Exactly OP; be happy you found a job. What your friend did does not affect you, and if you're her friend you should be happy for her, not jealous of her.

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#11, OP is happy that she found a job, hence why she called her friend "excitedly". She never said that her friend's success was "more important" than her own. It just sucks to be searching for a job for 2 long years before you find one and then when you finally do, to have to hear your friend talk about dropping a good paying job for another great paying job that she found within hours.

They probably work in different fields. Even in my field, depending on which route you take, you can get job offers out the ass. I'm currently on disability, but I still have head hunters calling with offers since I'm keeping up on my skill set. Hopefully, those offers will be there if I ever get cleared for work again. It's painful turning down those jobs. I do usually pass along qualified friends' info though.