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Hey, it's about the same level as being called a communist every time you say your last name or say you're Russian.


Well I'm Jewish, and I have no problem with Germans. People from previous generations seem to though, and for them I wouldn't say its dumb.

Reminds me of a survey that was done a few years ago of British and German youth comparing each other...the German youth considered the British lads "trendy and cool" while the Brits still thought of their Deutsch counterparts as a bunch of "young Hitlers" LOL

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That's messed up. These days it's hard to find someone who doesn't have some german heritage. Especially in the midwestern us.

i dont get the big deal. its not like her parents called u that. How is this an fmylife? yes i know who hitler was but seriously he was 7 and i dont see the big deal.

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