By imahater07 - 28/01/2016 07:02 - United States - Fairfield

Today, I found out that I don't have to work tomorrow. Normally I would be thrilled to hear this, but not from the 6 o'clock news, doing a piece on my work's rat infestation and indefinite shut down. FML
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Sucks to hear OP, Goodluck in findnig another job.


CheekyRaccoon 27

Or OP could round up the rats and somehow train them to make food, the restaurant would be called little critters.

Critter fritter, the new dine in dinner game! Did a critter make you meal? Is it a critter? No one knows! Call know for reservations.

take up the name of your recently deceased father and just call it Ratatouille

LalapaloozaChick 14

did you know about the rats before this happened?

It would be pretty ironic if the exterminator's building was infested with rats, haha.

I'm just hoping it wasn't some type of restaurant. Cause that would be really disgusting!

Sucks to hear OP, Goodluck in findnig another job.

I'm sorry you had to find out in that way OP! Good luck finding someplace new, hopefully one with no rats this time around, haha!

So those weren't chocolate chips in the cookies?!

Should of known those weren't chocolate fruity pebbles....

ThreeSheets 14

Um, they are the chocolate jimmies that you sprinkle on your ice cream. Flies are responsible for chocolate chips and raisins in cookies. Just an FYI :-)

22 I think you have your sizes confused.

0to100rq 6

Looks like Ratatouille has been shut down again. Why wont they let the little guy live his dreams! :'(

That's pretty slack of your workplace to not tell you - but if it was 'infested' shouldn't you have noticed?

Strange though how staff isnt made aware of those things.. If its a reason to shut a place down and media getting involved :/?

Sounds like you work in a "rats nest" budum ptts