By Muralove - 14/05/2015 02:55 - United States - Matawan

Today, my friends told me they will be unable to attend my birthday party on Friday because they'll be watching the Vampire Diaries finale. FML
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Ones that don't know how to freaking record shows.

The ones who are planning a surprise party for the day after the finale.

But still after the finale... Because the finale is the most important part.

It's 2015 dvr is a thing. Tell them for record it. But if they'll miss your party for a show as shitty as that they aren't your friends anyway

Throw a vampire diaries party and then everyone will come!

Tell them that after/while celebrating your birthday everyone will sit down and watch the finale. :)

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But the finale's on Thursday!

Exactly what I wanted to say! If they were looking for an excuse, the least they could do is come up with a good one! To OP; find better friends. And an early happy birthday!

Op should watch it Thursday and spoil it for them in a bunch of mass texts.

If she is in any other country other than America, than it would be Friday. As I am in Australia and had to wait until Friday because of the time difference and the wait on airing/downloading.

#88, true (I live in Belgium myself). But on the other hand; it doesn't take a whole day to watch an episode

So? Tell them to record it. It's your birthday, and recording devices exist for a reason!

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The finale is on Thursday, not Friday.. Your friends are either lying to you or are just idiots.

I love how I read this and was watching the vampire diaries at the same time lol

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Wait, Nina Dobrev is coming off T.V??? THANKS OBAMA.

Yup, and Michael Trevino is also leaving.