By maxus - United States
Today, I was babysitting my nephew. He was watching the episode where Spongebob smashes his guitar while playing. I walk into the kitchen to make him a snack, and I hear a loud crash... My nephew smashing my brand new guitar to be like Spongebob. FML
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  phatdaddy  |  0

He was watching spongebob with the nephew. He only left the room to make the kid a sandwich. That's part of the job, guy. If the kid's big enough to smash a guitar, he's old enough to be left one room away while you make him a sandwich.

  polico_wolf  |  0

you're a heartless person, youthink.

like when you said that guy didnt care even though he drove his gf to the hospital.

now you're saying that watching spongebob is a bad thing. I cant wait to see what you say next


The OP was sitting there with his nephew. We don't know who picked the channel and as far as we know, this is the only episode he's seen, but I think anyone who has heard of the show can all assume that Spongebob isn't smashing guitars all that often. He was merely pointing out the part of the episode that relates to this anecdote.

  arielsais  |  0

"that episode where..." is just explaining the background and the reason behind the story. and is it really that bad to let a kid watch tv for 3 minutes? so you can feed him?

  arioch_fml  |  20

Not to mention Op was watching tv with the nephew, he left to make a sandwich after that part in the show, he doesn't have to watch the show all the time to know what happened 5 minutes ago.


How do you know it was in the room? He couldve got up and smashed it in another room. And I think he thought he'd know not too. If he can pick up and smash a guitar then he's old enough to know not to.


Seriously? That isn't exactly common for people to do, is it?
Most people just leave their guitars in their rooms, in the case or such.
You don't tend to assume "Oh, shit, my nephew's going to be here one day when I'm babysitting, and act like a prat! Best hang it on the wall 8D"

  alex_vik  |  0

Uh, my guitars are always on their wallhangers, because

A: They make great decorations.
B: It's nice and safe from being accidentally bumped.

And my friend keeps his Gibson Les Paul in a locked case all the time when he's not playing it. But we're used to protecting our instruments, so I guess it's not common sense if you don't care if it gets ruined or not.

By  flgirlwguitar  |  2

I can recite almost every episode of Spongebob just because my niece watches it 24/7. Fortunately if she ever feels the need to smash a guitar, she has her own - I would probably do something illegal if she smashed mine.