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Today, I found out that my boyfriend wrote 50 dollars on my gift card just to look generous, it's really only worth five. I found this out after I tried to buy an arm full of clothes. FML
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Wow. What a cheapo. But how could you get an armful of clothes for 50$? Do you shop at Goodwill?

Haha, That's awesome. It's not the end of the world, but it's probably the end of a boyfriend. Guys are cheap and women are too expensive.


Wow. What a cheapo. But how could you get an armful of clothes for 50$? Do you shop at Goodwill?

Yeah my thoughts exactly. Maybe she has small arms.

$50 an arm fully of clothes?!? do big people clothes come cheap?

A gift card can be used to reduce the total price. In this case, the total would be $50 off and she would only have to pay the remaining amount. $50 off is better than $5 off. The FML doesn't really say if the card was going to pay for all of the clothes. But that's not the main point of the FML...

Never heard of sales? Hell, yesterday I got a dress, PJ set and a scarf for only $20. Yay for Boxing Day.

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"Arm full" isn't specific. Maybe she grabbed two shirts for $45 (buy one get one half off graphic tees deal at Express), a sale shirt for $10, and to her those three things constitute an arm full. Then she'd only owe $5 for three shirts...not a bad deal!

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Besides, people lie - it's human nature. So let's take her "arm full" with a grain of salt. I highly doubt she strolled up to a counter holding like 10 shirts and some jeans and a skirt and expected the gift card to cover it. This seems slightly exaggerated. Also, I've worked retail. Next time have them scan the card before you shop (only takes 10 seconds) or phone in to get the balance. I did that this morning.

Express clothes are cheap-looking. You are probably one of those trashy gals who tries to squeeze their fupa into a size 10, when you should be wearing a size 16.

I have several preferences...for jeans I like Paper Cloth and Denim or True Religion, for sweaters I like Chanel, since they are one of the few designers that don't make my petite frame look bulky. I get my button down shirts handmade in SF from a tailor, Jimmy Choo boots, and La Perla underpinnings, and of course, Hermes has wonderful bags. One of the nice things about being good-looking is having people buy you lots of gifts. I love that the guys I date (no sex of course, I'm saving myself for Mr. right :) like buying me gifts because they think someone pretty deserves pretty things.

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Shut up! No one cares about your preppy, overstuffed posts! This is completely unrelated to the fml in question.

not really, the person above me asked what I wear, and I answered. Oh, and Tiffany and Co. makes lovely earrings and bracelets, although for rings Cartier is really the way to go.

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#51 - You sound fat and lonely.

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dang i forgot the flea market was having a sale i needed some new used clothes for 50 dollars

i agree with #56, 51 you are a stuck up bitch no matter what you look like, you probably flirt with guys and convienintly leave out any conversation about your abstinence plan, guys only buy expensive things for girls as a offering of love, they expect the relationship to be serious and to go further if you accept expensive things from them, good looking girls dont deserve expensive stuff for free, you need to commit yourself to a man to deserve the work/effort he does to get you nice things

you get a C for effort, a D for creativity, and a D- for spelling (I'm feeling generous). Plenty of guys buy me things because, and to quote a few of them, "A pretty girl should have pretty things". I'm just lucky, I guess. :)

God you're painful. Those guys must be morons.

Who cares? They buy me expensive things! :)

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I'm gonna judge from attitude alone... I'd buy you a pack of gum.. From the 99 cent store..

LOL, you're ******* kidding me right? I'm quite sure the_dod was asking rhetorically when asking what you wear, so one can only conclude that you are actually trying to impress FML'ers with your looks and knowledge of fashion? Yea, let's see how far that gets you here little otter. In case you didn't notice, this isn't eHarmony or a fashion mag looking for an intern. So please, save your pseudo ego for an audience that gives two *****.

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there are people who are pretty enough to receive offers from men for expensive things, and then there are people who are self-centered, conceited and bitchy enough to constantly accept the offer. nice job, your life revolves around what you wear.

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I have to say this. I shop at Burlington Coat factory for some items okay. I literally had an arm full plus a hand. I had two pairs of jeans, 1 shirt, a necklace and a pair of shoes for $60. Plus you figure in coupons. Not every female shops high end. To the FML, that sucks, im sorry this guy was a cheap ass. Kick him to the curb if you think that is the right thing to do.

$75 worth of clothes is cheap taking away $50

One pair of my clothes are $150 where the hell do you get MULTIPLE pairs for only 50. Damn man.

That's probably just your suits or Lacoste shoes or something.

Haha, That's awesome. It's not the end of the world, but it's probably the end of a boyfriend. Guys are cheap and women are too expensive.

Unaware person is unaware. Good will is the only place to shop. Well maybe not for clothes, but if you want to make some cash it's a good place to shop.

I wonder what store the gift card was from.......

'Cause McDonald's has all the latest winter fashions, eh?

totally are you joking me? they recycle their bags and use them to make t-shirts! burger juice stain? just another reminder of how hungry you are and... MCDONALD'S!!!!

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probably where lady gaga got her meat bathing suit...

well at least it's only 45 dollars difference, if you really planned on buying an armful of clothes, the bill would come up way higher than that.. not like he wrote 500 instead, now THAT would have been bad.. well I hope you hit him for it anyway ;p

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What's wrong w/ these females all these douchebags have girlfriends n I'm single ugh

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Women like assholes get use to it.

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It's true, they all want the perfect guy but the like bad boys. It's weird...

No, women just don't like you. Drop that attitude and maybe you'll get a gf.

let me guess, you're a Nice Guy, right? (

THIS IS SO FAKE! look at the two between them! both from washington one is 1 hour apart the other is 1 minute also look at the names it's all one worded adjectives.

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Buy him a **** doll for the next time he wants some pussy

She shouldn't go to that much expense. I'm thinking maybe draw a face on his hand, instead.

...maybe the sales clerk forgot a zero! go back with the original receipt or credit card statement. he may not be that lame!

This was my first thought. Hopefully the boyfriend isn't that much of a loser...

This is most likely what happened. At my store, we scan the gift cards and then manually type in the amount. It's easy to make a mistake, especially during the rush of Christmas season.