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Today, I was called an 'inconsiderate scum bucket' by my neighbour because I allowed my loud alarm to go on too long before silencing it. The only reason that I sleep through my alarm is because I have to wear earplugs as they have their TV on maximum volume until 4am. FML
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Rei_Ayanami 18

I suggest calling the police for disturbing the peace and noise pollution.

An inconsiderate scum bucket? That otta be the bext swear wor ever invented


Rei_Ayanami 18

I suggest calling the police for disturbing the peace and noise pollution.

Depends what type of tv. Porn? Ok. Spongebob? Nope.

idk about that, op is in iran. that could be dangerous

Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution

As awesome as rock music is, it's still noise pollution if you're keeping all the neighbours awake.

Hey an eye for an eye. They should've have gotten the message.

An inconsiderate scum bucket? That otta be the bext swear wor ever invented

Damn ipod keyboard -.-

Somehow I read 'next best'

Fight fire with fire. Set up alarms in hidden locations and tell then this will continue till they lower their tv. When it comes to sleep disturbance it's an all out war

No. Fight fire with water. Water-type moves are super effective!

When i read scum bucket i immediately thought of plankton in the chum bucket

FeroniaMoonscyth 2

53 - Rock on!!

Now you've given them an incentive to turn down the volume. Rational Choice theory predicts it is likely they will change their behaviour. In real life, a heated argument seems more probable. Still, try striking a deal.

danbman95 0

No one wants to change their routine

Set your phone's alarm to vibrate and stick it in your sock before you sleep. I've been doing this for a good six months or so and it hasn't failed me once. But you can set your normal alarm to go off a few minutes after the cell phone and use that as a backup if you're not comfortable with it.

But then he can't piss off his asshole neighbor :(

I'd set two or three more alarm to go off after I leave, just to fuck with them some more.

They seem like cunts to live near!!

I see a couple of options here: 1) Explain to your neighbors how their TV keeps you up and try to work things out with them civilly. 2) Dont be civil and give back what your neighbors dosed out to you 3) Buy some extra alarm clocks so that there's no way you can sleep through them 4) Tell the management/authorities about the situation: as a tenant/owner you have rights just as much as your neighbor does. In my opinion loud music/TV till 4 AM is ridiculous, but an alarm clock to wake you up is justifiable . . And if the TV is so loud you can hear it, and your alarm is so loud it wakes them up, it sounds like to me that there's an insulation/sound-proof problem in the first place. But regardless of what you choose to do, FYL OP!

i love concise comments

I was gonna "tldr" you, but your comment makes sense and is worded greatly.

Well thanks for not! :)

ThaBeasty01 5

Someone had alot of time on their Hands .. O.O

Actually 84, I'm quick to think stuff through and a fast typer. . . You obviously didn't mind since you read it the whole way through then decided to comment. Congratulations on your troll fail *applauds* ;)

I don't think he said 'scum' bucket

I knew someone else was gonna pick up on that

kings1fan 6

No H

iBiteRoses 22

Me gusta

Wow! You let your alarm clock ring continuously, so much so that it wakes up the neighbours?! You inconsiderate cum bucket!

This is when you burn their house down over their tv. If they caught you, claim you are sleep-depraved and you're are semi-insane. They'll let you off the hook. Enjoy, don't forget the gasoline...

Who doesn't?

Chuck Norris

Nope! Chuck Testa.

Gotta love that law. But this is in Iran she would get shot or some sh*t like that. P.s love the pick A-teen

Just talk to them about it or call the cops. If that doesn't work, get a louder alarm clock! If they rent the place, call the landlord, too.