By Madi - 30/11/2011 17:55 - United States

Today, my boyfriend discovered that I fart when I'm tickled enough. The best part was when he decided to show his family. FML
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Well the best way to get back at him is to fart on him! :D

FYLDeep 25

Just wait 'til he ties you down and tickles you for 3 hours straight.


people seem to thumb down comments they don't like :(

People SAY they want the truth but they really don't. They want to be POSITIVELY lied too.

Must everyone comment begin with "People..."? Plus, #1 that not original. At all. That's on every single boyfriend/girlfriend FML. Prepare for thumbs down!

Omfg dump him! There, I said it. No one else do it now.

kbtoyz69 9

now they all know that your full of hot air! 8

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You ALWAYS get thumbed down when people say "He's a keeper" so just stop wasting your time and think of a different damn pun

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41s and 31s comment go together perfectly if you read it differently...

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first! gosh what an impression lol

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People seem to get jealous when someone beats them to a top comment :(

20- if there's a rule that fml comments must be original please tell me. Of course I could have written something like "this gives explosive laughter a whole new meaning" but my brain wouldn't listen to me :(

Well the best way to get back at him is to fart on him! :D

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When he least suspects it. *evil laugh*

******** on his chest is also acceptable. It really brings couples together. That's what I've heard..

35- I lost count, but I can tell by the odour that it should be around 14

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At least you won't have to be embarrassed when you do actually need to fart like most girls are.. it'll be old news.

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I think you mean and so is your comment Atleast when you insult someone do it right jeeshhh! ^

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86- Lol that's exactly what I was thinking when I said that xD

Hope they're not smelly!! If they are, you would be a tickle bomb...

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haaaahahaaha its funny why ppl thumbed down ?!,, XD

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And you're not a stickler for a tickler.

FYLDeep 25

Just wait 'til he ties you down and tickles you for 3 hours straight.

DKjazz 20

That was my first thought. What would happen? Would she run out of gas? Would she start farting blood? Would she implode?

You should wait until he lead expects it, then Dutch oven him in to unconsciousness.