By anonymous - 28/03/2011 18:48 - United States

Today, I dropped my Blackberry, but thanks to the protective gel case that I just purchased for it... it bounced and fell right into a sidewalk drainage sewer. FML
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Same thing different taste


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(insert rhyme to keep annoying thread going)

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bitches drinking some cum filled rum

orange... rhyme that... and don't say hat, fat, bat, cat or sat

wow 34 comments on rhyming words. waste of time...

My rhyming skills got you climbing hills.

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This girl is gonna attack Cause sometimes the boys just gotta step back Try rhyming with the word soup Try to stay in the game Keep this rhyme on loop

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Or a pocket to keep it in so it won't fall through your underwear.

iPhone>Andriod That's the daily math kids!

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Droid X puts the iCrap to shame.

iPhones are given way too much time and thought. I mean, why do you need 5+ different kinds?

You guys must be bots sent to advertise IPhones because they ******* suck!

Drop an I Phone and it breaks. Drop a Blackberry (even without a case), and it doesn't.

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Lol, that's what the cases are for, don'tcha know?


where it belongs. the blackberry storm at least