From the bottom of my... stomach?

By WhyICantHaveNiceThings - 15/03/2018 19:00

Today, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to interview someone I’ve greatly admired for years and grew up watching. I was naturally nervous, but I didn’t expect to be so nervous I would throw up on him in the first 5 minutes. FML
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manb91uk 22

When they say ‘spewing your admiration’ this is NOT what they mean!


manb91uk 22

When they say ‘spewing your admiration’ this is NOT what they mean!

I mean... at least you made a lasting impression. :/

I guess it could be embarrassing, but think of what happened to them. I there was a bunch of mes there, Everysingle me would puke after the previous one because I can't stand the smell of puke lol. More like FTL

And now they'll have a tiny bit left of vomit stain on their shirt to remember you by...

Lobby_Bee 17

That's one hell of a welcome gift.

Sounds terrible.. more so for him though. Just assuming he didn't stick around to finish the interview. Also who was it you interviewed,

SwordSlashBlade 13

It is one thing to be impressed by someone, but I never understand how anyone can feel so overwhelmed by any human being that anxiety is felt and the body would react this way. No matter what the accomplishments, they are mere humans after all! I see it as a sign of weakness in character.

Judging something solely based on you not understanding it might also be a sign of weakness in character.