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  Bosia  |  0

As long as you're breathing in farts and not asbestos, I think you'll survive.
In the meantime, practice holding your breath. It'll come in handy next time someone tries to drown you… we all experience that at some point in our lives, am I right?

  Boredumm  |  6

it's called safety locks -_- it's on the side of the door, it's so kids can't open the door even if they actually unlock the lock inside of the door, they won't be able to get out unless someone opened the door from the outside.

  redque  |  0

@107 - what car has child locks on the front passenger door?? I guess she could have been sitting in the back seat - but what kind of relationship is that..

By  Sparkadelic  |  4

You deserved it for not getting out of the car.
If he was driving you should have opened your door and threaten to tuck and roll. If he has a car that doesn't let you open the door while moving you should have punched him in the nose and grabbed the wheel.
Take initiative!