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Today, my boyfriend decided to re-enact a scene from Family Guy. He locked me in the car with him and farted deadly ones repeatedly. He wouldn't let me out until I learned to "love the gas." FML
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Damn that's sick.. I wonder what goes on in his head..

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bravo young man, bravo. if only more men did this relationships would last alot longer.

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Well, your only option is to love the gas. NOW LOVE THE ******* GAS.

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lol oh the influence of family guy

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you deserved it or you deserve it

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I new u where a chick befor you pic loaded just because u we grossed

Haha man...My boyfriend did that to me for 16 straight weeks. Every day of Fall semester. I can now identify every thing he eats by what comes out of his ass...

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I think a couple of total idiots coming out of the ass qualifies as a medical emergency.

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I didn't know that rednecks go to college

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I don't know why you even admit this. That's ******.

Apparently OP lacks the mental capacity to do that.

As long as you're breathing in farts and not asbestos, I think you'll survive. In the meantime, practice holding your breath. It'll come in handy next time someone tries to drown you… we all experience that at some point in our lives, am I right?

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it's called safety locks -_- it's on the side of the door, it's so kids can't open the door even if they actually unlock the lock inside of the door, they won't be able to get out unless someone opened the door from the outside.

@107 - what car has child locks on the front passenger door?? I guess she could have been sitting in the back seat - but what kind of relationship is that..

I sit in the back seat most of the time. there's nothing wrong with that.

Well it IS the fastest way to a man's heart. At least he didn't re-enact the chicken fight scene with you.

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bahahhahahahahaha that's sooooooooo funny I love that show!!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't cars usually have the lock and unlock button on both sides of the front door?

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op doesn't understand that function of the car or the gas was so over whelming they forgot how to move

actually, my mom's car doesn't have a lock button on the passenger door

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You deserved it for not getting out of the car. If he was driving you should have opened your door and threaten to tuck and roll. If he has a car that doesn't let you open the door while moving you should have punched him in the nose and grabbed the wheel. Take initiative!

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and the last thing before I'd jump out of the car is striking a match and let the metanized car out.. stinky problem solved - both of them

I really hope you're joking. That's one of the dumbest things I've read in quite some time.