By Nyusziful - Hungary - Nagykanizsa
Today, I was at a wedding reception. I had to repeatedly shout and wave like an idiot to the waiter for my order because he ignored me several times and kept forgetting about me. I was the bride. FML
Nyusziful tells us more :
It was actually a small family event with only 20 guests, so he really didn't have to look after a huge crowd. And I was the only one in a big white dress :)
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By  Irene_19  |  14

To think waiter would to that... to the bride herself, which is really rude matter of fact. Though I do hope you had a great rest of the reception regardless and no more waiters ignoring you.

  Talis99  |  26

I'm sorry, but your country and your situation did make me giggle.

I hope the wedding was otherwise a success and a beautiful day for you. Congratulations! On to the honeymoon!

By  SteveDudleyUK  |  10

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  manofmerr  |  27

Now i do understand why every feminist within thumbing distance of this comment thumbed it down, but i loved the expression, and feel like some appreciation should be shown.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

#28: It makes perfect sense if you stop and think about it. In essence, he's saying that there's no need to do something if something else is already there to do it for you i.e., telling the groom to get the waiter's attention. That's the groom's function: to keep the bride happy! lol

By  whynot159  |  9

UNACCEPTABLE. So sorry your day was made less wonderful because of that idiot. I work banquets of up to 150 people (sit down). It was always the bride and groom that gets served first, no matter what. You and your husband are the whole reason the party is happening in the first place.

  rodfergie  |  18

I ran a catering company for years, doing well over a hundred weddings each year. I always had a server, as most events hosting companies do, whose only job was to look after the bride and groom. This is what happens when you get people that don't know what they're doing.

By  teenagesyndrome  |  15

Being a wedding caterer that kind of service is unacceptable. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at your own wedding, and hopefully your honeymoon will make up for their lack of decency.