By fatti11 - 14/01/2017 18:00

Today, during an argument that he couldn't win, my boyfriend farted in a glass, covered it with his hand, ran to me, and let it go it right in front of my nose. FML
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violingirl0 12

How mature of him


violingirl0 12

How mature of him

In wrestling, they call that a reversal.

I don't think that even works, does it?

Yea it works lol

Well, at this point, it's fair game for you to shove his head into the Dutch Oven and crank that shit up!

Give him credit. He won.

<p>So if you still decide to keep such a disgusting creature as your bf then that says a lot about you too. None of it good!</p>

Couples do stuff like that sometimes, if you think she should get rid of him for doing that you have high standards.

Is there an argument a bf CAN win?

blackrose1996 11

Time to tell him to grow up or break up

jcash52426 5

Wow he violated that glass. You better throw it away I wouldn't want to drink out it again after what he did.