By Al - 22/06/2009 04:11 - United States

Today, I was walking around the park with my wife. Out of nowhere, a little girl on a bicycle slammed in to me, knocking me to the ground. As I rolled over, sure that my ankle was broken, her father ran over to me. He screamed, "Watch where you're going, douchebag!" FML
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I hope your comeback was, "Watch your kid, dipshit!" That is unless you were facing her and saw it coming. Then, you might've been better off moving.

What a sick father :S I hope you're OK.


What a sick father :S I hope you're OK.

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yeah hope your ankle isn't broken. I would have punched the guy in the face and/or stabed him

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nasty lil brat and her asshole father.

Lmfao when i read this at first i read "her father RAN ME OVER...." I was like WHAT AN ASSHOLE. lmao then i re read it... still an asshole

The little girl just made a mistake! attack the dad, assholes.

I only said YDI so the number would be 1337 :(

#147 It's funny, because it's sarcastic.

That little girl's gonna grow up believing whatever she does is someone else's fault. Great parenting,

I hope your comeback was, "Watch your kid, dipshit!" That is unless you were facing her and saw it coming. Then, you might've been better off moving.

Yeah, seriously. These people need to be told where the **** to go when they start lipping off for no reason.

Well, ignorant parents can't have all the fun with bad insults.

Insulting him back IS the best course of action.

You could run and shove a stick in the kids spokes instead.

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Yes, Because he's going to run with a broken ankle...

reply, watch were you stick your dick next time, then you won't have to watch this little brat

wait, what if the dad was talking to his daughter? 0.o

What did the word "douchebag" have to do with the incident? Kinda didn't fit in.

Another reason why i hate kids. They have no vision more than 2 metres in head of them. I managed never to crash into anyone when i was about 5. Kids are such morons these days.

One of the most ignorant comments I've seen in a while. They are kids, what do you expect? There are only a few kids that just manage to run into people, they are just the ones that are noticed since you won't notice the kids that won't run into you.

Dumb people can do two things in life: get drivers licenses, and have kids. It is a sick, sad and cruel world.

My mom always told me drivers licenses was fate's way of thinning the gene pool.

ROFL. Hahaha, that's so true - except good, innocent people get hurt by arrogant assholes.

you missed making prejudice comments standing in line for chew at walmart

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dont forget "become president"

shoulda got up and snapped him in the face

his ankle probably hurt a lot, he couldn't do much if it hurt enough for him to think it was broken.

Wow that sucks..... by no means is this your fault, but maybe be a little bit more observant... i'm pretty sure most people are able to move out the way or atleast say stop when a little girl on a bike rides by

That's why they used to put horns or bells on bikes so you could warn someone instead of just knocking them down.

Of course, he blames someone else because his "little angel" could -never- do anything bloody wrong...dumbass. >.< I hope your ankle feels better soon!

Love that reply. "of course his little angel could never do anything wrong."

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Douchebag? What kind of a moronic idiot trying to be his daughter's best friend says 'douchebag'?? Keep her on a leash if you have issues..