By Al - United States
Today, I was walking around the park with my wife. Out of nowhere, a little girl on a bicycle slammed in to me, knocking me to the ground. As I rolled over, sure that my ankle was broken, her father ran over to me. He screamed, "Watch where you're going, douchebag!" FML
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  nick0011  |  0

Lmfao when i read this at first i read "her father RAN ME OVER...." I was like WHAT AN ASSHOLE.

lmao then i re read it... still an asshole

By  Rooney101  |  0

Another reason why i hate kids. They have no vision more than 2 metres in head of them. I managed never to crash into anyone when i was about 5. Kids are such morons these days.

  Alexgoesfml  |  3

One of the most ignorant comments I've seen in a while. They are kids, what do you expect? There are only a few kids that just manage to run into people, they are just the ones that are noticed since you won't notice the kids that won't run into you.

By  WhyMe1_2_3  |  0

Wow that sucks..... by no means is this your fault, but maybe be a little bit more observant... i'm pretty sure most people are able to move out the way or atleast say stop when a little girl on a bike rides by