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Today, I was talking to my boyfriend about our new year's resolutions. I started telling him that I wanted to lose some weight. He interrupted me, saying, "Yeah yeah, we all know you're fat, whatever." He then went on a 30 minute speech about how he'd really like to take more pictures of his cat in 2011. FML
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He's got a point. Almost everyone's New Year's Resolution I'd to lose weight. At least he was creative and came up with his own.

Hmm.. if this is the whole story, that really sucks. If you, however, have been complaining about your weight for a looong time and never actually did something about it other than complaining, then I can understand he might get fed up with it.


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Lmfao, made my day, thanks ;-*

OMG!! Is that you with Justin Bieber?!!! OMG, that is sooooo awesome!!!!! Jesus Christ, you are so full of WIN!!!!

Stalkery? Is that where celery is grown?

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hah yeeah it is.. i've known him since we were little. i have other pictures that one was just one of my recent ones we took.. and no its not photoshopped?

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25 - excuse me? you're the one who needs to book an appointment with a psychiatrist, i didn't ever do anything to you. i never said two words to you and i never asked you for your opinion so i suggest you shut your mouth and go diet and exercise. thanks a billion boo.

Wow I'm still waiting do an answer....

kaayalbx, I'm not sure what you're saying to get yourself moderated so quickly, but you HAVE to realise that a mod is keeping a VERY close eye on this thread, so I'd keep your silly little mouth shut before that same mod shuts it for you. Just a bit of helpful, friendly advice.

kaayalbx - Your picture is one of the shittiest Photoshop jobs I have ever seen. And don't pick fights with KaySL. He always wins. Always.

Just for the record, Kaaylabx: because you seem to take me awfully seriously, my comment wasn't meant to be nice in ANY way. It's crystal clear you photoshopped your midget head into that picture, and just for that you are and will always be pathetic. I am truly horrified by your desire to be part of a hug with Justin Bieber. So horrified that I'm going to projectile vomit in my back yard now.

Yah kaayalbx sirin is keeping an eye on this thread and has KaySL's back for...intimate reasons I suppose... ;)

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I know it's already been established, but that is a poorly done Photoshop picture.

Watch someone take your picture,( as in a guy) and switch their heads with Justin.

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I skipped through like half of this conversation, and kaysl you are automatically awesome for doing parkour, and I practice It too! ^_^

log the wonders of photoshop... that is if you actually do it RIGHT!

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why isn't the picture in color? oooohhhhh it's because the picture is photoshopped and your skin color is probably different than the girl that is actually hugging jb.

I know i shouldn't dwell on the subject, but lying about knowing justin bieber when its so obviously photoshopped is just ... sad. :/

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hah This fml is added to my faves just for this comment thread. lol what an embarrassment. haha she probably hates her life now.

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if you zoom in on the picture you can see the difference in pixel quality. this wasn't photoshop... it is obviously paint.

He's got a point. Almost everyone's New Year's Resolution I'd to lose weight. At least he was creative and came up with his own.

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You must be on an Apple Product

Half of the comments I attempt to send via iPhone don't even go through; despite the message "Comment added successfully" appearing.

Haha once again it auto corrected. Damn I meant to say *IS! And why yes, this is an apple product :)

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Yes 54. Same thing happens to me from my iPod. And then I don't want to post again fearing that the post may come up twice. ugh!

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#5 i don't think your the only one with the autocorrect happens to me all the time but if you wanna see funny one go to

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ugh I hate when the comments don't get posted. Anyways I'll post again.....92 you made my night with that website. it's so freakin funny!!!! lmao I just set one of my fav as the profile pic.

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Agreed, I don't know a single person who has completely followed through with the losing weight resolution.

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nah my dad and mom did it last year

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Cats are cute.. even if they're chubby. Get over it :P

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he called her fat..I wouldn't get over that!!

Her fault for dating a guy more in love with his pussy than hers

We all know the internet is powered by pictures of cats. He is choosing to do some good for webkind as his new year's resolution!

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at least that's what you said..

Yes, that is what I said, you are correct, and very observant.

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I'm waiting for a bunch of "pussy" comments since there was a cat involved in the FML. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Don't do it kids. Once you try it, you'll be addicted. Next thing you know, I'm going to be sucking off some random guy for money to buy crack. Bring it on moderaters! >:D

What's with guys liking cats more than girls these days? am I missing something?