By Ggirl - 01/10/2013 19:41 - United States - Camarillo

Today, my boyfriend called me a selfish bitch and dumped me after I told him I'm planning on getting much-needed breast reduction surgery. FML
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Pwn17 25

I guess he isn't looking out for your breast interests.

Good riddance. Leave the idiot be. You're much better off without ... Wait, REDUCTION?? Why would you do such a thing? WHY? NOOOOOO!!


addioty 19

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\ 28

she could be trying to protect her modesty and her BF thinks he's the only one watching.

HarleyBlues 24


#27 apparently government shutdown has effected FML comments :)

HarleyBlues 24

I'm so tired of that bullshit.

\ 28

"Government shutdown" to me is the equivalent of a 3-year old kid threatening another kid by saying he'll never play with him again.

Ari1337 15

except a whole country gets screwed over in the process.

Reference! +1

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addioty 19

118, you obviously don't know that breasts aren't just all about appearance. They are fucking weights on your chest. They become problematic - back problems, hard time shopping for bras and/or clothes, and sometimes, it becomes too much. After reading the FML, you can infer it was probably due to the effects the breasts had on her.

Do research first before sprouting off such "facts," because it makes you look stupid when you get things wrong.

#94 how exactly can it get any worse? we are in the threshold of hell under Oblabla

Sounds to me like he is being the selfish one..

one other way to kind of fix this is to get a really strong back.

#118 is only 15 years old. Give em a break - he probably hasn't learned much about the female anatomy quite yet haha

Hahahaha good one #1!!

Facts? Mine are H cups and I can't wait to get them reduced. The back pain is horrible. I've got permanent dents in my shoulder muscles from the straps. I can't buy bras in stores. Have to special order. I Don't own a swim suit because that's way too much to get one that supports them. I wish I could donate half of them to a woman with breast cancer or something. :( yes my ex boyfriend thought they were wonderful. But I cannot go running because even wearing a proper fitting sports bra they bounce so much it hurts. ;( they're so big and wide they make me look extremely overweight even though my waist isn't that big. So yes. Reasons like that are reason for it to be much needed.

167, that sounds awful, I bet it's very frustrating! I can kind of relate, I'm a DD

She could even be preventing breast cancer a**hole

I know this is old but I was looking through my old comments and I noticed all the thumbs down so I want to clarify something. I don't blame all the thumbs down because it appears that I was being a asshole and replying to #122, but in truth I wasn't. I think I was replying to #118 in my #126 comment or someone who deleted their comment. Not sure because it's been so long. Apologies if I was rude.

Breast milk is the best milk

TheCaramelKing 11


alphatoomega 21

Reduction, not enlargement. Wanting your gf to have big breasts is kind of the opposite of gay. I'm not defending him, mind you, but if you're going to insult someone, do it properly.

Pwn17 25

2's comment originally just said "Gay," but then he edited it to what it says now.

Good riddance, OP - your boyfriend is a nonsensical asshat. You are sure to find someone who is better than he is. Good luck

TheCaramelKing 11

I made it say gay so I could think of something I actually wanted to say.

Pwn17 25

I guess he isn't looking out for your breast interests.

He sounds like a complete tit :/

ThatFancyPenn 18

#3 did you just

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

go there? Yes 69, he did.

It's funny because turn "3" sideways.

And 69, too. Did you miss the other immature sexual joke, 114?

Don't worry 147, I'll be the 12-year old in this thread. HAHA LOLOL 69!!! xD

Well at least you know why he was with you? Sorry to hear that OP, best wishes for the surgery!

Or maybe the boobs we're just a bonus.

37: If that were the case, he wouldn't have dumped her.

@pandasmile I cannot believe you missed the chance to say breast wishes for the surgery

summerguy97 16

She shouldn't worry, soon she'll find a guy who'll love her for her brain boobs, and not her body boobs.

I felt like the community would shun me for that one

What us shun or judge someone? NEVER...

Good riddance. Leave the idiot be. You're much better off without ... Wait, REDUCTION?? Why would you do such a thing? WHY? NOOOOOO!!

I used to have huge boobs and they were a pain in the ass. They gave me back problems and they got in the way of everything. It was a curse. But I got reduction surgery and it's much better.

SarMarJo - *pssst* I know. It's a joke.

BriCx 8

My mother had to have a reduction too. It's not like women who get them go down to A cups, just a size or two smaller to make them more manageable.

Haha. That was funny. You just corrected a SURGEON! I do believe he knows health risks of large breasts...

fml rule #7: you may not joke without someone getting butthurt.

I've always been curious as to how DocBastard, a surgeon, has so much time on their hands to be on FML so much. Teach me your ways.

Doc, I wasn't correcting you. :) I was just putting my experiences on here for everyone on FML to read and then possibly down vote me. ;) just my experience, people. No butthurt here!

BronayPonay - Do you really think I am in the operating room 24 hours a day? SarMarJo - No worries.

It's okay, Doc. We know you have a life outside of the workplace. :)

Medical people don't sleep.

DocBastard - Of course not, but I do imagine you do other things with your time.

RedPillSucks 31

Sorry, I couldn't resist... BOOBS ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS?

Bronayponay, I work insane hours (as I'm sure Doc does), but I travel via train to get to work and usually go on FML then. Maybe Doc does something similar?

That was such an original, funny joke. Good one.

Exactly. Breast shrinkage should be a crime.

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Why did this get downvoted? He was correcting himself.

Ya why did it get negative votes? Makes noooo sense...

Well, if that's how he reacted, sounds like you'll be better off without that jerk anyways. Head up, OP! :)

What a dick. If your breasts are large enough to be causing you issues you definitely need some surgery. Some people don't realise that having enormous breasts can severely reduce a woman's quality of life - after all, they're these huge heavy things attached to her chest 24/7. I hope you enjoy your smaller breasts and find a boyfriend who will appreciate them and you!

Good riddance, OP - your now ex-boyfriend is a complete asshat. You are sure to find someone who is better than he is. Good luck

It's incredible how selfish some people can be. OP, your now ex did you a favor by showing you what a child he is. Wish you the best on your surgery.

tell him he is all the boob you need.. you are doing what's breast for you..

take a step back and look at what you've done

Good luck with surgery OP! Keep us abreast with the situation... ;)