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Today, my fiancé told me that it would be okay with him if I got plastic surgery to make my boobs larger. It would also be okay with him if I didn't get the surgery, but he would call off our engagement and never talk to me again. FML
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What a dick! l don't usually condone leaving over stupid shit, but LEAVE his ass!

Tell him it would be okay with you if he had a larger package, and if he doesn't grow it within a week, the engagement is off and you'll never talk to him again.


You took the words straight out of my mouth #1

Yes, she may have a great ass, but he'd like great **** to go with it.

RedPillSucks 31

Yes, tell him it would be ok if he got ass surgery to make him less of an ass

I think you meant "What a boob" That would have been punnier. Ba dum tss..

MrBrightside21 20

On the bright side, it's a good thing OP found out her (ex) fiancé was this shallow before they got married and became another divorce statistic.

The word ass does not suffice. Ops fiance is a cuntmunching asscandle with a large dose of douche nozzle in the mix.

Now come on. We don't know the whole story. Could be that he just wants her to contribute more to the finances and strippers with bigger boobs make more money. Not buying it? Didn't think so.

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I would then tell him the same thing regarding his penis. Right before kicking him square in the balls and selling the ring on eBay.

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What a disgustingly judgemental fiancé OP has there. Why on earth would he not accept his fiancé for who she is? Fake boobs aren't worth a guy who doesn't care about you for who you are. Op's fiancé is a pathetic excuse for a partner.

sure you didn't mean to say, "what a boob" ..?

It really is best to find out before the wedding.

Ok, I actually thought that was funny!

decidedlyvague 11

#1, don't compliment her just yet, she hasn't had the ass implants.

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You missed a great pun opportunity. Don't you mean 'ba dum ****' ??

If OP's going to get any surgery, she should surgically remove him from her life!

nnnope 26

What a dick! l don't usually condone leaving over stupid shit, but LEAVE his ass!

He is blackmailing her into having costly and dangerous surgery because he's not happy with how she looks naturally. Whilst you still came to the right conclusion of 'leave him' I wouldn't describe that as 'stupid shit', I'd describe it as 'emotionally, physically and financially serious shit'. But seriously, what an ass.

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She should give him the same proposal with manhood enlargement.

Yea, you should never get breast implants for a guy. I got mine for myself, but my boyfriend doesn't mind! ;)

157-Low self-esteem? Id guess so hahahaha

180: it's kind of hard not to have a low self esteem when you get guys constantly telling you your boobs are too small and that they would like you better with bigger boobs and having everyone making fun of you all the time for something that isn't your fault, just saying.

I suppose he isn't an ass guy. Leave this male bitch. You deserve better.

WeAreAHurricane 14

He isn't an ass guy...he's just an ass.

7yzz 18

Hopefully for OP's sake he was joking. Still, it would be a mean joke. To be fair though if a woman had absolutely no breasts, and I mean flat, then I think implants wouldnt be a bad idea, if you have the money. But to blackmail someone to do something like that, obviously shows how shallow his feelings are about OP. But like I said, hopefully its just a mean joke. And btw, a girls butt is what matters ;)

How are you going to say "**** you, goodbye" if he won't talk to you?

In this case, I think a text message would be appropriate

This is the time to call it off yourself and pawn his stupid ring.

Even better pawn the ring and when he asks about it say you had to pawn it for the money for the surgery then tell him to GTFO.

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Eat it and then poo it out on his coffee table.

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I suggest OP killing any chance of this asshole reproducing.

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#7 I suggest being a little less insensitive and a lot more empathetic, ass.

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Sounds like he doesn't care about the real you. I'd say if he can't appreciate you entirely, then he probably doesn't deserve you at all.

I agree, #8. Even if she does get the surgery, there will be something else down the line he's not happy with and he will blackmail OP into changing that. It sounds like this guy is never going to be satisfied with her.

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Except he'd leave. Ergo, it isn't okay with him.

Read what you posted, look at the thumbs down and tell me your comment made any sense at all

Tell him it would be okay with you if he had a larger package, and if he doesn't grow it within a week, the engagement is off and you'll never talk to him again.

nnnope 26

Except he "won't understand," and he'll probably call OP selfish and then leave her anyway (if she hasn't left him by now). Not trying to be sexist, either - I know people of both genders who think that way.