By Anonymous - Canada - Dollard-des-ormeaux
Today, I went with my boyfriend to his church youth group for the first time. I found out a girl there likes him, when she decided to pull me off him while we were hugging, and take my place. FML
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  FiFiLovee  |  26

That's when you politely grab a fist full of the tramps hair, yank her away from YOUR man, and put her in her place. You can't just stand back and watch. She'll walk all over you if you don't make it known that he is your boyfriend and he is obviously taken.

  \  |  28

OP should stay close to her boyfriend... Show him that she loves him MORE than anyone else could


Hi this is OP, I wrote this FML from work and couldn't remember my password which is why I was not signed in. This actually took place a couple years ago around Easter. My boyfriend's youth group was putting on the passion play which is why I went (he really wanted me to see it, I'm not actually religious at all). After the play, I went to see him and hug him, which is when this happened. And trust me I would've liked nothing better then to smack her if it wasn't for the fact that I am only five feet tall while she was, well, a BIG girl... Anyway my boyfriend pushed her off and we both looked at her like ''what the fuck do you think you're doing?''. She just walked away. This same girl also took a picture of the youth group, and cropped everyone but him and her out and put it as her facebook picture pretending he was her boyfriend. I try not to make a big deal out of it, she's just pathetic.


Technically, but he hasn't really gone in over a year. Not cause of this though, I think he's just losing interest in church. Funny thing though, he happened to work at a camp with this girl's cousin, and now she's sending him creepy loving facebook messages! What's with this family? Haha.

  toryglory  |  4

I admire your restraint, OP. If it was me, I would have roundhouse kicked her out the door. If she really is that obsessive over your boyfriend, I suggest you confront her face-to-face. Or fist-to-face. You know, whatever works...


Yeah, especially girls in the youth group settings. I don't recommend going to someone else's you group, no matter who they are to you. those kids have most likely been together for 5+ years and are very possessive.


I agree with #11...I would never let no female push me off my man and hug up on him without me kicking her Ass. If you shy or whatever, get out your shell and prove who's man that is. Cause you let her slide with a hug, you gonna let another female slide with a kiss???!

  tochiotome  |  14

Yeah. I'd get physical to respond to her physical attack (pulling off) but I wouldn't slap her for just hugging a boyfriend. That's his job to take care of.