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  doctorhook86  |  24

An FML by stupid people for stupid people. Don't make lame, unrealistic promises just to try to sound romantic, especially if there's still a "1" at the front of your age. Don't be surprised if others break the aforementioned type of bullshit promises.

  riax  |  9

I agree with the doc! young ppl these days... Lol! they fall head over heels and think its true love that will last forever ´-_-` I feel sorry for op, but there are a lot of guys, and girls, who don't take relationships srsly, especially at the younger ages


Yeee! Ultimate response to the situation! It is what I was thinking about saying but you took out step further than I would've, I was gonna say friend. Ha! Love the fuck the brother response!

  Lilwolfyyy  |  0

I'm not going to argue, but it's hard to break up with someone. I personally thought that op's boyfriend didn't want to hurt her but didn't know any other way to do it.