By fmmmmlll - 12/06/2012 05:29 - United States

Today, my boyfriend brought up the time he said he'd love me until the day he died. He continued by saying, "So, let's just pretend I died today." FML
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_ebbonyy 11

Make his dream come true and kill him then. :)

Just say "Oh, shit! I thought you died years ago. Your're brother has been consoling me for ages"


_ebbonyy 11

Make his dream come true and kill him then. :)

RayRod 6

Cop: "So, he just accidentally stabbed himself then fell out the window?" Op: "......yeah......"

Bitches are getting crazier everyday.

Combined with your display picture, you look like you have an evil smile as you say that

I have to agree with you xD What he said made him sound like such an ass.

Let's hope he dies today! And maybe he will.. >:)

SparkieSwag 0

Wow, what a jerk.

OP freak him out by saying " hmmmm perrrfect, I will be seeing you VERY soon" with an evil grin on your face

lebronesque73091 12

Do people not know how to break up with someone the proper way? That's terrible.

An FML by stupid people for stupid people. Don't make lame, unrealistic promises just to try to sound romantic, especially if there's still a "1" at the front of your age. Don't be surprised if others break the aforementioned type of bullshit promises.

I agree with the doc! young ppl these days... Lol! they fall head over heels and think its true love that will last forever ´-_-` I feel sorry for op, but there are a lot of guys, and girls, who don't take relationships srsly, especially at the younger ages

Nothing wrong with breaking up, but he didn't have to do it by reminding her of saying that.

knockout702 0

Then you can pretend to care he died :)

_ebbonyy 11


^ you're the one saying to kill the guy

_ebbonyy 11

Hahah touché :)

Then let's just pretend today is the day you killed him.....or we don't have to pretend.

JennaMarie420 2

Stab him and say fuck zombies

SwordOfTheSky 4

She means that if they're pretending he's dead and he's talking to her, he would be a zombie.

Oh no! Bath salts:/

Pretend he wrote up a will leaving all his possessions to you, sounds like fair play to me.

reallytho3 11

Thts wat they want you to think...

reallytho3 11

Thts wat they want you to think...

I thumbed the down the comment with 2 thumbs so it can be even to the one below :D

If they want us to think that you're illiterate, they have succeeded.

Lol. Just Made it equal. XD -1+

mariah_victoria 0

Dude I'm just saying I love you -.- SOOO muchhhhh

testtest2_fml 16

So romantic..

KM96 24

Or not ... It's actually the opposite. But whatever because your taste in romance might be very different to mine ...

I'm pretty sure 10 meant that as sarcasm....

Just say "Oh, shit! I thought you died years ago. Your're brother has been consoling me for ages"

Let's just pretend that the classic "you're" just died.

Yeee! Ultimate response to the situation! It is what I was thinking about saying but you took out step further than I would've, I was gonna say friend. Ha! Love the fuck the brother response!

mypanda_fml 0

That's not cool. Well instead of pretending you could kill him

I hate it when guys say stupid things and think they can get away with it.

I'm not going to argue, but it's hard to break up with someone. I personally thought that op's boyfriend didn't want to hurt her but didn't know any other way to do it.

A real man would tell the truth. In the least hurtful way of course.

Women say stupid shit too! My girl told me she was straight, too bad, a month later I ran into her with another woman that she was clearly being More than friends with!