By Shelly P. - 29/01/2012 00:10 - United States

Today, my boyfriend gave me twelve roses and told me that he would love me until the last one dies. Remembering the Facebook like, I began looking for the fake one but couldn't find it. When I pointed out that all twelve were real and would die within days, he responded, "Exactly." FML
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That's an, um, creative way to break up with someone.


Shelbyyyyyyy 4

Damn straight. Roses can be pretty expensive in this economy!

You should replace a real rose with a fake one:P or cut your loses and find a guy who actually wants to be with you.

Have one dipped in wax, then it won't die.

See, that's what crazy people do when they can't handle a relationship ending.

Bah u poor thing hahahahahaha u probably deserved it anyways

illabye 0

You should of replaced a rose with a fake one. Then call him up and be like "baby you're so sweet I found the fake one"

You can also freeze-dry them to preserve them, my stepmom did this for the roses one time in memory of a friend. That being said, I'd toss those suckers in the oven or fireplace, whichever is closest. It would cut off a few days with that douchecanoe.

hellbilly205 17

No matter what OP does to the roses to preserve them i bet he will still break up with her...

@41 And this is why no one likes you.

Parisgirl34 12

ya atleast you got flowers, enjoy those last days together

bbedlock_fml 7

That's an, um, creative way to break up with someone.

Frick.. Its like giving your 2 week notice at work.. Just drop him now and tell your (ex)boyfriend, not to worry, cause you'll be over him before the last one dies.

You can even take it a step further with the two thousand dollar, diamond-covered 'Departure ring'! Tell that special girl that you hate her and are soon leaving, on one knee. And if you're not completely satisfied, we'll throw in a free shmedding! Why not be officially broken up with by a minister, in front of all your peers!!!

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A romantic gesture undone by a mean one.

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Wow the love today js sad-_- sorry I hope he changes and gets the fake one when you don't know it

ninjuh_wingman 29

Least you know how long you have.

Breaking up with someone shouldn't be creative... It should be serious and respectful.

He's obviously not worth your time OP. If anything you should be glad this asshole is out of your life now, rather than later on

Why is he an asshole? That's the most romantic break up I've ever header of..

How is that in any way romantic? He got her hopes up by making her think he was sweet and thoughtful enough to do the rose thing, and he took it as a chance to break her heart. I hope that her next boyfriend doesn't have the same idea, because that would not go over well.

I'd say roses are pretty darn respectful..

Is the Jerk of the Year contest going on right now? I swear it comes around earlier and earlier!