By confused - 04/02/2010 16:12 - France

Today, my boyfriend of 5 years spent a whole hour making me promise that if he ever died, I would never try to find someone else. FML
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how nice of him :S atleast he didn't make you promise to commit suicide if he dies :D


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amen!! he wants you to move on and be happy!

Are you retarded? He DOESN"T want her to move on.

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49 don't be silly, clearly the op's bf wants her to be happy. you silly goose

how nice of him :S atleast he didn't make you promise to commit suicide if he dies :D

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just say yes, he'll never find out

it really all depends on how she feels after his death..u kno?

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not an fml! it would be an fhl if he died and you loved someone else.

lexie206 0

not really.. I know that if I ever died I would want my boyfriend to move on and be happy, even if that means him finding someone else.. her boyfried is only being selfish IMO

Reyo 2

To be fair, it is evolutionary for the male to not want the female to reproduce with any other males if the orignal male were to become...indesposed. All right, now let's hear it. I know a bunch of you are just dieing to say "dump his ass".

@ #118 - What's "evolutionary" about it? In most mammals, males want to have as many partners as possible to foster as many offspring as possible. Not saying you're wrong, just would like to hear you're explanation.

thenewone 5

males tend to want to spread their genes, but they also tend to expect fidelity from females, to guarantee the offspring is really theirs. Females expect males to stick around and protect the offspring.

#60 this comment made me laugh for a good few minutes

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Reyo 2

#69's obviously never heard of a tantilizing little peice of literature called "Twilight".

MermaidSongXOXO 6

....You know there's a guy in Italy who preserved his dead wife, keeps her coffin in his basement, and has slept next to the coffin for almost 15 years? Necrophilia is f***ing disgusting... And #120 Vampires =/= corpses. Don't bring a book into this :L

dudeitsdanny 9

Vampires aren't alive. It's necrophilia. Did they hit a Twilight fan nerve?

I think he was referring to Twilight as being more revolting than the necrophilia comment, and not referring to vampires as corpses.

Flutist 3

Not if his wife is a vampire. Its like ******* a zombie that has some personality.

#124 Technically vampires are Undead so they are not alive but they are not corpses so it is not Necrophilia but it is still discusting and unnatural.

Hanban 0

That would be fulfilled if he ever died and came back to haunt you. Good times, good times.

thenewone 5

#138 Technically, vampires don't exist.

Flutist 3

Ah, yes they do. Not in the Cullen sort of way, it describes an illness people have where they are alergic to sunlight and often suffer from low iron, which causes them to ingest more meat, which is usually close to raw due to the need to blood (and what blood provides.).

jeterman67 0

if he really loves u then he would want u to move on after he died dumb him now

Or maybe he doesn't want to feel like a disposable product that can easily be replaced after it's gone. I guess it's a matter of opinion, though. I couldn't see myself finding someone else if my wife died after I was married.

Freeze I agree with you. when me and this guy we're together he implied if we got married and he died he wouldn't want me to find someone else. Now, If he died, I wouldn't want him to marry someone else, but I would want him to be happy. and I couldn't have seen myself loving someone more than him, but I thought about what if we had kids? it would be soo hard to raise them and provide for them on my own. so, idk.

I don't really understand why a reasonable person would think this is a nessisary talk to have... Naturally best case, everyone lives a long happy life with the right person... to make a convo like this and stress the point so strongly to me implies deeper issues on the part of the boyfriend needing to feel he is the one and only possibility for the OP to ever have in this world and in a world of billions it is just a lost cause convo.... questions with the "what if" factor seem like a waste... especially

That's morbid and disgusting, and he needs to grow up. How absolutely selfish to never want someone to be happy after you're gone.

My father-in-law made my mother-in-law promise that before he died, and he's really dead, and she's keeping the promise, and she's only in her sixties...FHL, because she could live another 20 or so years easily and be lonely/horny/bored the whole time, not to mention not living her life to the fullest and probably dying alone because he was so selfish.

Flutist 3

I think I don't want to hear about sixty year olds being horny. Thanks.

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There is really nothing wrong with that after they are married. Some people believe they will meet again and some people don't. Do what makes you happy. Single doesn't mean lonely to everyone. It's all how you look at it.

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don't agree! don't agree! never promise! if he dies u have to move on and he is taking your happiness! f him!

Yeah, there's something a bit wrong with the guy if he's that emotionally insecure...

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uh he probably dnt even trust u right now! u should b given more respect! why can't u b happy if he were to die?

An hour? Wow you're patient. After ten minutes of that crap I'd just be like "Ok whatever you say babe." If he dies it's not like he'll know you didn't keep your promise. Unless you believe in the afterlife...

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