By peceout - 02/12/2014 08:48 - Sweden - Vallda

Today, I met an American guy at a bar. I felt flattered when he said, "You know what they say about Swedish girls, all so beautiful." After a pause, he filled in with, "What the fuck happened to you?" FML
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peceout tells us more.

You are right, but this pic is me. I felt bad so I changed it, I hope You guys don't think any less of me.

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Don't take it to heart OP, guy was a douchebag. Get back at him by adding drinks to his tab.

Yea, American bar folks, arnt where youll find romance


Don't take it to heart OP, guy was a douchebag. Get back at him by adding drinks to his tab.

That is pretty douchey. Probably just drunk. But yeah, adding drinks to his tab should do the trick.

...Until he contests them and OP ends up on the hook.

Well, I did spill my drink over him. That'll do.

You're photo is good looking, what was he seeing??

After looking at your pics, op, I feel like either this fml is made up or he had heard some bad advice about being a douche to beautiful women to get them interested

61 - That's a former Miss Russia, though. Not really OP.

You should have said something like "well I heard most American men are assholes. Thanks for proving me right."

You picture here is stunning! He must have been insanely drunk if he couldn't see that

either he is too drunk to see your beauty or too stupid...

As an American, I can say we are all douche bags.

And also as an American, I can definitively say we are NOT all douchebags. :)

You are different

How do you know?

because everyone is different?

He means that she is special. Sarcasm, you know...

Well, in a good way I hope.

He's just a jerk, you are beautiful :) Edit: I just saw a previous comment saying your profile pic is former miss Russia, so I can only assume you're pretty.

Don't know why he said that. You are beautiful

I don't understand with My profile pic? I have my own pictures?

You changed it now, but you had Alena Shishkova's pic. So, who knows, this one now might not be the actual one either. We'll never trust you again, OP.

#79 Come on, we all saw the 3 pictures of the gorgeous blonde that you had on your profile before you decided to change them. Don't act like you didn't do it, you'll only make the situation worse. Just ignore everybody and move on. You're not the first one to try that trick on internet, and you won't be the last.

You are right, but this pic is me. I felt bad so I changed it, I hope You guys don't think any less of me.

It's not a big deal really. Don't let it ruin your evening. You got an FML published!

Replying to OP, don't see me as a perv if I say this, but you are actually pretty. That guy was obviously practically blind.

Homeboy is blind cause you're adorbz. Keep your chin up OP

You're stunning, OP :) the guy was just a douche

can you say fishing for compliments?

You're not ugly at all that guy was trippin

You look pretty good OP, I don't know what that guy was smoking!

I'm gay and I think you're hot!

that guy was definitely blind.

You're really pretty OP.

Huge compliment right there! American guys are stupid, I deal with them everyday, keep that beautiful head up and don't let him get you down! :) It was to #118's comment xD

I think that guy at the bar is gay OP.If that pic is really you...well shit I would bang,10/10.

Wtf u gorgeous tho fuck that prick

You know how girls hate it when is men generalize them yeah WE TOO HATE IT. So stop with your generalization of us "American Men" cause a lot of us are nice you just seem to look at douches since that's probably what you are interested in

sounds like a negging attempt gone horribly wrong, keep your chins up Op, all of them ;)

Swedish women are beautiful! Us Swedish gals have to stick together!

id date you! you're super pretty, that guy was just a drunk asshat.

Yeah you're really pretty! Seems to me that he was being the typical douche american guy. Hold your head up high Cuz he's missin out!

He was probably stupid drunk, sweetheart. You are beautiful!

That douchebag must've been drunk or something, because you're cute.

I think you're gorgeous.

You look good idk what he's talking about

Yes, I wish I did, but instead I wasted my expensive vodka.

Yea, American bar folks, arnt where youll find romance

good advice Fred

Go home. You're drunk.

Wow, that's really harsh! The only reason why he would say something like that, is because he wants to feel better about himself.

Or because he is a prick.

Maybe both. I don't know, didn't stay long enough to find out.

My opinion, he was probably trying out a bit of negging. I hear it's big amongst the type who follow PUA guidelines. As xkcd said all the lasses that read The Rules should just pair up with the lads that read The Game and leave the rest of us to it (though I'm married so not even playing!).

Some people are just pieces of shit, like him. I'm sure you're beautiful, don't let a complete stranger bring you down :)

Aw thank You darling❤️

See! I knew you were pretty :D you deserve way better than a guy like that, try not to worry about it :) & you're more than welcome! ^^ xoxo

You could have countered with, "Well you know what they say about American guys being assholes, so I guess you're right on par". Seriously though, what a dick, sorry OP.

That's a saying? I never heard it before.

#23: Are you American? If so, that's why.

So I'm an asshole because I'm American and a guy?

I'm American but I'm a woman so I guess I'm in the clear.

Me too haha!

Not only is that a saying, but it's true of too many guys in America.

Not only is that a saying, but it's true of too many guys in America.

This guy sounds like a dic he's probably plastered out of his mind.

Most likely drunk.

Most definitely drunk

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I agree, what he said was rude and unnecessary. However, that doesn't validate an extreme stereotype.

@29 And assuming all swedish women look like top models isn't an extreme stereotype?

#14: Upvoted for truth.

The point is they're both absurd stereotypes punctuated by extreme rudeness. If you want to make sweeping generalizations about an entire national demographic, and follow up with a snide comment about how an individual doesn't measure up to your nonsense, it's fair game to have your idiocy turned back upon you.

...But to be honest, I'd rather my race be stereotyped as super models than lard-asses.

Either way, stereotypes are not something that should be encouraged. Not all American men are rednecks, and definitely not all obese.