By xXx3mi_MuffinxXx - 01/07/2011 19:23 - United States

Today, I had to tell my best friend that I couldn't make it to the lake today or tomorrow because I'd been called in to work. She won't believe me and thinks I'm simply avoiding her. I got called in to bathe and clean dogs' anal glands. FML
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lmao. what a job. hopefully shell believe you sooner or later

jackiemoonthepro 5

op could take a picture and show her friend

i would really like to know what OP's job is.

jellitonoctopus 19

A dog groomer. they squeeze the anus so the poo poo shoots outs, it's easier to bathe a dog when they don't have to use the restroom.

yummycupkake 0

I always considered being a vetenerian ..but heyy, pshh I could always be a lawyer :]

KingGeorgeGal 12

Sorry OP but atleast you have a job!

cleaning anal glands?? sounds like a win for you!!! lol

Oh I am very sorry about your condition #2. hopefully you get better!

you can't recover from it you silly donkey penis. but ya. I used to clean womens anal glands with my special cleaning tool, I got paid quite a bit, but then I got arrested for prostitution.. silly cops and there misunderstanding of jobs. I'm an anus cleaner not a *****.. jeez. anyways, did you know guantanimo bay has amazing wifi? it's sweet

sxe_beast 11

@24 - Totally and then she can MMS the picture to her.

And yet I can't seem to shake the thought that OP actually applied for such a job.

Shouldn't that be written somewhere in the job description??? " This job will include: brushing, bathing, and anal probing of various canines."

#46 is completely wrong about anal glands. dog groomers are not probing their asses to make them poo. There are glands right inside the anus that release a fluid that helps fecal matter come out thru the anus. Think of it as lube. Frequently the fluid builds up inside the gland and isn't released so it becomes impacted and needs to be drained by squeezing them. It smells REALLY horrible. I wouldn't suggest trying it out on your own with your dog!!

jamila123 5

You're a very 'glass half full' kinda person huh?

she's jealous inside..but yeah show her a picture lmao

she's jealous inside..but yeah show her a picture lmao

M0rt 0

considering OP is from America they should just be happy they have a job with the economy bring in the toilet

...Thank you for ruining my appetite... ugh that's disgusting lol

can't help but wonder why did you go on FML when you have an appetite?

at least he didnt say"that sounds like a shitty situation"

Or worse... "Looks like *takes of glasses* we have a shitty situation! YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!"

that gets old soo fast. silly unoriginal trolls. although if it was sticky, the dog must be eating something very weird

#40, why not get on FML when you have an appetite? And I was about to eat dinner lol :P

alexg823 0

Solution: Stick your arm in as far as it will go. Big smile. Take a selfie. Optional title to the pic: Something about being wrist deep in crap at work.

who the hell would lie about a job like that??! wow your friend needs to lighten up!

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im sure she wood definatley want to......

FC_Barcelona 0

94. I see what YOU did there

Anuses could always use a second pair of hands.

ramboman19 8

Are you sure that's ALL you do with the dog's anal area?

julianne8174 0

your an asshole......... >_< ******* TROLL

blackbelt25 12

some ones sad that theyre a loner ;)

jackiemoonthepro 5

she'll understand, we all have to clean anal glands at one tine or another

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