By xXx3mi_MuffinxXx - United States
Today, I had to tell my best friend that I couldn't make it to the lake today or tomorrow because I'd been called in to work. She won't believe me and thinks I'm simply avoiding her. I got called in to bathe and clean dogs' anal glands. FML
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  dolphincheddar  |  10

you can't recover from it you silly donkey penis.

but ya. I used to clean womens anal glands with my special cleaning tool, I got paid quite a bit, but then I got arrested for prostitution.. silly cops and there misunderstanding of jobs. I'm an anus cleaner not a whore.. jeez. anyways, did you know guantanimo bay has amazing wifi? it's sweet


#46 is completely wrong about anal glands. dog groomers are not probing their asses to make them poo. There are glands right inside the anus that release a fluid that helps fecal matter come out thru the anus. Think of it as lube. Frequently the fluid builds up inside the gland and isn't released so it becomes impacted and needs to be drained by squeezing them. It smells REALLY horrible. I wouldn't suggest trying it out on your own with your dog!!

  Comoke1024  |  19

Stick your arm in as far as it will go.
Big smile.
Take a selfie.

Optional title to the pic: Something about being wrist deep in crap at work.