By anonymous - United Kingdom - Oxford
Today, while riding my bike in the rain to a counselling appointment about my depression, my shoelace came untied and got caught around my pedal, causing me to go flying off my bike directly in a huge muddy puddle right in front of a busy street of people. No one offered to help me. FML
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By  azemazer_fml  |  17

In moments like that, the only way to feel better is to think about a worse case. Like, by example, that little chinese girl who got rolled over twice in a populous street, caught on video, and no one helped. Probably the saddest and most cruel thing I saw in my life.


It's kind of sad how people use other people's misfortunes to feel better about their life instead of doing something more positive to feel joy, such as making someone else smile... :(

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go read some more FMLs so I can forget my troubles.

By  Whatapuffchild  |  23

Just pick yourself up. Dont expect people to help because everyone has their own life and you must be strong. And because you have depression it might seem even more bleak. But don't worry; it will get better.

By  lysx84  |  24

Bystander effect - the more people around to see something, the more the individual assumes someone else will help. I know this doesn't help you after the fact, but you can't take it personally.

  Algorithm  |  24

Yeah, this. Not to mention, OP, on the street people are probably going about their own business and focused on that, not you. People in a hurry who'd otherwise stop to help might not notice that someone's in trouble.