By a4rk - 08/07/2012 18:32 - Malaysia - Sibu

Today, my manager called me into his office and spent half an hour screaming at me for granting one of our workers so many religious off-days. Apparently, the name of these "religious observances" actually means something to the effect of "scoring some pussy" in Macedonian. FML
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*moves to Malaysia* *converts to this guy's religion* *learns Macedonian*

After he fires you, remember the terms this coworker used and use them at your next job to score some pussy instead of work.


That sucks for you OP. tell your boss you didn't know and hopefully it works out!

Anytime I get some pussy I treat it like a holiday.

14- why? Because it happens so little?

mylifesucks_fml 1

14- Ouch! I think youll be needing a nurse and some ice because 27 just burned you good! haha, be more careful of what you say next time!

14) Every time I get near a pussy, it tries to disembowel me. Wait... I hope we're talking about different ******* here.

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28 - He got him good didn't he? I bet he will never recover from that.

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I think #14 was just trying to say that when he gets pussy its important, not because he gets so little of it. Maybe?.. No?.. Yes?..

34- or maybe because he gets it so little it is important to him.

HAHAHAHA damn 27 that was good! Poor 14 never saw it coming!

I'm gunna be the 6th idiot to say "OHHHHH you got him good, burnn woo you showed him yeahh." I think you guys drive 14 so far back into his cave he's probably crying about how he got insulted on fml.

14 - "Would you like some aloe vera with that, because you just got burned." - Sheldon

49, how did you find out about the cave?!?

Oh and 27 I will get revenge one day!

I'm sure 14 treats pussy like Christmas.. He gets it once a year but remembers it all year round until it happens again

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FYL hopefully your boss and you can work things out. Until then, well...

YDI for not knowing how to speak Macedonian... Easier than Chinese!

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18 wow that was the dumbest thing I've seen on fML Like you know Macedonian I don't even know Macedonian NObODY does

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29 - Macedonians speak Macedonian...

perdix 29

I work with a Macedonian. You want to piss him off? Call him a Greek! Also, ask him to name a Macedonian who was worth a shit after Alexander The Great.

After he fires you, remember the terms this coworker used and use them at your next job to score some pussy instead of work.

*moves to Malaysia* *converts to this guy's religion* *learns Macedonian*

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Sounds to me like the middle step is optional.

I'm a farmer in Malasiya! (say it out loud.)

Are you serious!? Macedonia is above Greece in Europe not Malaysia. Does Alexander The Great ring any bells? What the hell is happening to education in this world....

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*raises hand* hi ms.teacher lady? ya i believe i'm in the wrong class. see i don't really like history, much less want to take it. do you know where room 6969 is, you know the study of jokes and sarcasmology? i believe my instructor's name is Professor Bastard.

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That's Doctor Bastard! It takes a lot of hard work to earn a Master's degree!

Actually, 45, OP's location says Malaysia. Hence why 6 said to "learn Macedonian and move to Malaysia." If he moved to Macedonia and tried to pull off this "religious observance" he'd never get away with it.

45, I hope to god you're just trying to make a joke there and I'm not getting it...In case you aren't and you seriously think this was a mistake on his part, the OP is from Malaysia, not Macedonia, and using that idea in Macedonia would be the stupidest thing you could do as they know what the words mean. Seriously, you knew all this, right? Tell me you were just trolling...

57, Nobody likes a know it all! *Stamps foot* Hmph. Apparently I need to learn to be quicker.

57, I'm slow on the uptake. That makes much more sense. My bad...

I had a Macedonian neighbor when I was a kid. I didn't know why they didn't like me until my mom told me that it was "Macrdonian" not "Macaronian."

59 - sorry :) 64 - it's okay, at least you got it now!

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Gullible supervisors are awesome. Now if you'd kindly excuse me for a religious sacrifice every Friday I would greatly appreciate it.

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OP, You totally deserve it. Why didn't you check to make sure they were real holidays?

For many, getting some is a religious experience. Who are we to rain in their parade?

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That sounds like the greatest holiday since christmas