By Anonymous - 13/6/2020 17:02

Corporate ass

Today, I found out that my boss would rather give grant money back than give it to any of his employees as any sort of bonus for working through the pandemic. Two of us have worked for him for over 20 years. So much for loyalty I guess. FML
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By  Melissa Kucher  |  10

its literally "grant" money. its designated for a certain thing, if they dont reach the maximum, the rest gets returned. thats how grants work. you cant just allocate them to some other business expense.

By  Nailah Butler  |  4

Grants are usually very specific on how the funds can be used. There are limitations and rules and if they are mishandled the company could lose out on applying again or have to pay fines if it is from the government.

I don't think I've ever heard of a grant, that you could just hand out to employees as bonus, if the grant hadn't been used up for the intended purpose. Your boss would probably be penalised for doing so. If you have worked for him for 20 years, you should know that.