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  mb2_native  |  15

18, they're both the same. I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is another one of Miley's "Hannah's". Seriously, look at pictures of them. And they look the exact same.
I always thought of Bieber as a girl, Justina Bieber.

  arandomusernameaa  |  20

Maybe the fact it's her song?

  coldashell  |  23

"You're" is the word you're looking for. For the love of (insert religious figure), please learn how to differentiate you, your, and you're, and the internet will be a much more enjoyable place for you. I am plowed right now and can still use proper spelling.

  LalaDee561  |  8

#36 so out of the entire comment the only thing that you could concentrate on was that one little word? I also like good grammar, but not so much that I have to bitch someone else out on one little mistake (which even I slip up and make sometimes when in a rush to write something, and I KNOW how to use all three.) get a freaking life.