By ashamedklutz - 22/02/2014 00:20 - United Kingdom - Dunfermline

Today, with a single misstep, I managed to send myself and several others tumbling down a stairwell at work. An ambulance ended up having to be called for one lady. FML
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At least you didn't go down



I warned you about those stairs bro

OP should hope no one sues, even though it was an accident.

friedpwnadge 25

I told you dawg I told you about stairs

Here in the uk, we don't sue everyone for everything. Calm down.

Here in Pennsylvania, we don't either.

Ouch. More like f those who you knocked down's lives...

ftwykdl doesn't quite fit as well as FML

It would be FTL not FTWYKDL

Ouch.. Well more like FHL

Her... You must be new

At least you didn't go down

thejewishfuhrer 17

One for all and all for one!

I'm really clumpsy when walking, I have so many brusing people think I'm a victim of domestic violence....

let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the FLLLLOOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!!!!

gabechriswill 19

Leeerroooyy Jennnkinss!

31. Just.. no... no more..

I hope you're all OK! o: Get well soon OP!(:

It's going down, I'm yelling timber!! -OP


As well as loving Miley Cyrus, are you a "Belieber"?

18, they're both the same. I'm pretty sure Justin Bieber is another one of Miley's "Hannah's". Seriously, look at pictures of them. And they look the exact same. I always thought of Bieber as a girl, Justina Bieber.

I'm not a fan of either 18 it's just the first thing that came to mind

cryssycakesx3 22

what does any of that have to for with miley?

arandomusernameaa 20

Maybe the fact it's her song?

Quick thinking to push everyone else so you wouldn't fall ;). Joking but I hope your all okay !

"You're" is the word you're looking for. For the love of (insert religious figure), please learn how to differentiate you, your, and you're, and the internet will be a much more enjoyable place for you. I am plowed right now and can still use proper spelling.

#36 while many of us enjoy the proper use of grammar, stop sounding like such a little bitch.

#36 so out of the entire comment the only thing that you could concentrate on was that one little word? I also like good grammar, but not so much that I have to bitch someone else out on one little mistake (which even I slip up and make sometimes when in a rush to write something, and I KNOW how to use all three.) get a freaking life.

Hope she's okay. Watch your step next time OP! ;)