By iheartexes - 06/11/2010 04:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend bailed on our one year anniversary celebration because his ex girlfriend asked him to go to a wedding with her and pose as her fake boyfriend. FML
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...and u still call him your boyfriend?

Are you sure he is her FAKE boyfriend?


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Wow what a jerk

^ Agreed, what an insensitive jerk. This shows how much he actually cares about you. I'm sorry about this, but you really should reconsider your relationship with him.

you should have told him to stay and just pose as her real boyfriend

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hmm free thank you sex or 1 year anniversary sex... tough choice but I think you made the right one

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He's probably a jerk, but more likely because he isn't being a pretend anything. OP got ditched on your anniversary for the ex? You're the ex now!

38: how is it clingy to celebrate a year of being together? I'd understand if it were a month or 6 months, etc. But a year? How is that clingy? FYL OP. Better reconsider your relationship with him.

Well now you know where both his heart and priorities are. But surely there must have been red flags that you repeatedly ignored already. A person who gives any more of their time to an asshole like that has NO self respect.

More then likely, it was an open bar. Issue resolved.

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Loyalty - the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

can you use it in a sentence?

She has dibs. She was there before you.

...and u still call him your boyfriend?

Are you sure he is her FAKE boyfriend?

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I bet he was her "real" boyfriend that day and scored. Weddings are so romantic, aren't they? Talks about regrets and lost time apart during the bride and grooms first dance.

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awww, rub it in lol

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Guess what I'm thinking when I see your nails?(: You just need to spread your hands out a little farther.(: Op, I hate people that feel like they don't deserve to be treated well. I love myself too much to put up with anyone's mistreatment. Can't expect anyone to respect you, if you don't respect yourself.

well said sour girl! I too can't believe that people actually put up with crap like this!

get over it? move on?

not that easy

with the information provided, you can't draw the conclusion that it would be difficult

Don't you mean EXboyfrend?! Dump his ass..!!! :) he's not even worth an FML..!!

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I was just about to say the same. If any guy ever did that to me I wouldn't have to think twice about dumping his ass!

I agree dumb is jerk-ass

dump him! he sounds like hes an ass and ever think that he and his ex are secretly together?

Were they together longer than you two were? It's pretty clear her happiness is more important than yours. I doubt there's anything to discuss here. You can either deal with being second best or you can't. (I hope you can't and leave his arse.)