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Today, I had my boss over for dinner. Knowing that I was angling for a promotion, my fifteen-year-old son spent the dinner uttering lines such as "What's the point of showering before bed?" and "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks." My boss was not impressed. FML
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Your son needs to get his ass kicked pronto.

hopsinlove17 26

Hopefully your boss was able to tell your kid was being a douche...


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I don't support beating your kids, but if there was ever a moment where I would want to, this would be it.

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You should have sent him to his room as soon as you figured out what his intentions were

I say charge your son for the costs of not having a promotion and being humiliated. Maybe sell his t.v./game consoles, no more allowance, etc and don't be afraid to get creative.

If your 15 year old is saying shit like that with guests over, you've been raising him wrong. I suggest getting a bamboo or metal rod and beat the attitude out of him.

Doesn't your son realize that your promotion can also benefit him?

The kid's a dumb ass. Why would you try to stop your parent from getting a promotion?

Apples and trees... Your lucky you still have a job.

If he's saying these things out of the blue, you should come back at him by telling your boss that your son has Tourette's

Should have said to your son afterwards that you were going to get him a car or something as a surprise if you got that promotion but since he sabotaged it... That would make the turd think twice!

Nobody should talk like that. His IQ points just got lower or if not then we not know they were low.

She/he (i didn't look) can find a better job at any time, trust me. That is a bit drastic for what happened. Don't expect a parent of the year anytime soon.

hopsinlove17 26

Hopefully your boss was able to tell your kid was being a douche...

Did he not want his dad to get a promotion? More money for him...

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That's kids. This is a teenage boy! op should smack that lil idiot

Your son needs to get his ass kicked pronto.

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numerous studies have showed that adults who were corporally punished as kids tend to have lower IQs and more anger/depression than those who weren't

Oh boy, teenage years suck for parents

My teenage years were/aren't bad for my parents. That is only mostly true, not always.

97 - Well, seeing as though you don't have siblings to fight with, that's cut the opportunities for trouble by a good 40%.

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Dude, i hate my teen years as the teen, not just from an anarchist perspective, but the way society is sucks. And most of my age group follows stupidly.

He has a point though, your son that is. :P

Why are earth would you agree with that....smh

Haha, I was just kidding. What is smh an acronym for?

Not funny he's 15 and says stuff like that...smh but I can't blame the parents it's who they hang with also

Thank you 21. I think OP's son was most likely singing song lyrics, sounds like rap to me at least.

YoursTruly, I see you're deciding on a new profile pic ;P

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"SMH" is a thing that needs to go away.

Technically, girls do have dicks. They are just very small and called the clit. Biology ftw

This is where the teenager stereotype comes from.

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Looks like Snoop dog, or recently snoop lion, has just brainwashed more youth.

Actually, the "bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks" line comes from a Dr. Dre song.

theslimshadylp 6

Actually it's a Dr. Dre song featuring Snoop Dog.

And it was just remade by that excuse of a rapper Tyga

Snoop Lion changed his name back to Snoop Dogg after like 24 hours because he was having an "identity crisis". I still laugh about it

No ,it was re made by a rapper called YG featuring Tyga and nypsey hussle

Beat his ass with a flip flop. That'll show him why you should shower.

Here comes all the posts about how shitty the generation is. Not all of us are like that. There's always going to be those few bad apples.

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Assuming people will call your generation shitty makes your generation shitty

ripresno 10

She's not assuming that; there have been comments like that before.

CCDNRGD81411 3

And im referring to this particular FML. Not previous FML's

Every generation has its share of douche bag teens. It's just that there's more of them now thanks to the " don't spank your kids " bullshit. Spank the ********, take all his gadgets and shit away from him, and ground his ass.

amandajlucas2015 2

I personally don't believe grounding does a dang thing.. If anything it makes them try harder to outsmart u.. Whip or nothin taking away the cell phone is nothing they can just go get on a million other devices now a days

That's why you take away their million other devices...

67- Yeah, taking away materialistic things won't do shit. Take away a teenagers pride or dignity and they will get it. Too many parents nowadays just let their kids walk all over them. There's not a lot of respect for your elders any more. I only say this because I was one of those little assholes, and I regret it.

Our generation is full of plenty of kids who walk all over their parents, show no respect or care for anyone other than themselves, and frankly need a good old fashioned butt whooping. Heck, go make THEM pick the switch from the tree, that's what my parents do and my brothers and I actually know how to act in public and how to treat others, especially our elders.

81- Holy shit, the switches. When I was little, I used to go pick out the thickest ones. I had found out that the thicker ones hurt less against my ass. When my parents caught on, they would send me back until I had a super thin one. It sucked haha

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

Haha if i was ever going to be punish i would just hope it was with my mom or dad instead of my grandma. She had her a special switch she was very fond of and im pretty sure it hurt worse than when mom or dad got the belt out haha

All you people are saying 'take away his gadgets' and all that fun stuff. But if op had raised him right. There would be no need for this. Also what is he bought the stuff himself?

I grew up under the belt and I'm proud of that. It got me further than i imagine in life. If I ever have any kids they will also grow up under a fine snake skin belt or an electric cord lol.

I never got the belt. But I got a serious swat on the ass, sometimes bare, with every word he said.

87 - no, the worst is when your parents don't approve of the switch you get and they make you go choose another one and you get more spankings with the new switch than you would have if you just picked it out in the first place...

the good ones are rare. you seem older beyond your years. :)

Do I see a week/month without electronics? If he got you fired, it wouldn't exactly be easy to pay an electric bill. See how he likes life.

Hope he likes no phone, Internet or social life for a while.

That crap doesn't work. Just take out the leather belt!