By Brie - 05/09/2011 13:00 - United States

Today, my grandmother pulled down her pants and screamed, "Kiss my ass" in the middle of a packed restaurant. FML
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You should've surprised everyone and licked her ass sensually. Oh god, I creeped myself out.

Wow. Fun grandma.


Wow. Fun grandma.

Someone forgot to give grandma her meds... :/

I live your grandma OP.

OP did u kiss it??

today, my grandson pulled down my pants in a crowded restaruant and kissed my ass. FML

You should've surprised everyone and licked her ass sensually. Oh god, I creeped myself out.

So now that we know how much you really love Gam-Gam, please, for the love of God, don't ever say anything like that again.

The grandmas on FML's nowadays.

For real ^ I feel like I'm the only one with a plain normal sweet loving grandma I wish my grandma would give me something to talk about :(

Thanks 3.. I'm now scarred for life after that mental image... *vomits*

The generation from the '60s are becoming grandmothers. That's why grandmothers are so "free-spirit" nowadays. Haha.

awkward grandma is awkward

Oh god... ewwwww.

I know what you mean... Old people, ew

"Grandmas kisses"- spongebob.

Your grandma has problems. You should get her put down.

So, you're saying because his grandmother likes to have a good time, (whether it's considered weird or not), he should have her "put down" like she's an animal? Good sir, I have nothing more to say than fuck you.

Yeah 8! Apologize for joking around right now!

Op might be a girl there's no gender and the name is Brie.

I'm pretty sure the grandmother is a "she". puff puff pass, maybe?

8- You should take that stick out your ass. imjussayin'

Oops fail on my part. I thought the other person was replying to the other person when obviously the other person was replying to the other person.

I don't see how you and 6 other people missed that... thumbs down hurt. :(

Yes 33, that is called a joke. However, to interpret this, one must be in possession of a sense of humor. You are obviously lacking one of these, so you should probably be put down.

8, your dumb ass should be put down

Oh the grandmas on FMLs these days...

Ohh Thanksgiving Dinner will be FUN! YOUTUBE it. Call the recording, "What you will look like in 70 years."

Must've been a sight for sore eyes. Hahaha

Well what are you waiting for!?