By Anonymous - 06/11/2010 04:40 - United States

Today, at work, a woman fainted, and an extremely attractive cop came in to help. I ended up running into him an hour later. Seeing as though I'm not very shy or a nervous person, I struck up a conversation with him, thinking it must be fate. I ended up fumbling my words so much he asked if I was drunk. FML
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It would appear that your analysis of not being a shy or nervous person has been proven false.

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I seriously thought it said farted, not fainted haha


haha!!! u idot!!!

...Says the person who can't spell idiot. :L

lol a women fainted

fate? il tell you about fate, I met my wife during paintball, shot her in the neck, we hit it off straight away

theian01 3

That's not family guy... Thats Superbad. You slightly disappoint me.

can someone please suck my tits ?

omg sorry guys I didn't write that:|

maybe I would if you weren't 12.. :D

KingDingALing 9

26- Hahahaha. You've become a victim of getting hacked. It's happened to me... :(

shit, get your act together! hahah

restythestar 0

more like FHL

lmao, it happens to me too much :)

sharmen 0

I seriously thought it said farted, not fainted haha

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so you fumbled your words, after that whole thing did you attempt to gain a sac during the night. If so did the cop get touchdown in the bed?

Juneyah, you have much about puns to learn, grasshopper. Try this: After he left, did you go running back to his arms? Was he a wide receiver of your advances, or did he block your attempts? Here's a quarter so you can buy a clue. When you're done I want my quarter back.

his wasnt that bad

I never said it was bad, did I?

It was confusing though

well were u?

Sydknee 8

LMFAO. I get it :)

ur gonna go jjjjjjjj Jail !