By Anonymous - 28/03/2015 17:10 - United States - Tallahassee

Today, my boyfriend thought it'd be romantic to take me to a strip club for our 1-year anniversary. FML
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It's the THOT that counts

Did he at least make it rain for you?


It's good to be #1

Let's see the downvotes role in... *cracks knuckles*

It's the THOT that counts

Swandive235 27

Well, not the most romantic gesture, but both of them get to enjoy themselves

That's what I would do if I wanted to end a relationship, by being dumped instead of dumping. He MIGHT be trying to do just that.

Unless OP isn't into girls at all. Seems like it was more for the guy, which is kinda selfish..

Rawrshi 25

Who said it was a women's strip club? ;)

#55, I can't see any man willing to go to a strip club to see men, whatever the occasion. Unless he's bi.

friedpwnadge 25


#75 at least OP still has zoooidbeeeeeerg.

ADBurns 22

wait, what? For the love of God why?!?

maybe op's boyfriend thought op was Bi sexual? it seems to be the only logical explanation. Or he just wanted to enjoy tits that weren't his wife's

I know a lot of girls who are straight and go to strip clubs pretty often. It's like a regular club for them, food, drinks, and all.

You guys do realise it's their one year anniversary though.. It's not some regular day it's supposed to be special for the both if them, not a chance for him to stare at tits Jesus Christ thats so not cool

I think we need a follow up explaining how on earth OP's boyfriend found this acceptable for their anniversary.

maybe they went there for the food.

Knightchaser27 25

He obviously wanted to be single

Maybe he wanted you to learn ;)

brendejafulable 41

Sounds fun.

Men. I don't think they understand romance yet

May be he wanted to spice things up little bit between you two..

Sounds like he's been playin a little too much gta v

Rawrshi 25

One can never play "too much GTA V".

for real. after the heist update I stopped playing

Last time i was this early it was to the pre ejaculation club

maybe that's a sign the relationship isn't really working out