By whereismyring - 28/03/2016 00:47 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my ex-boyfriend announced he was engaged. We broke up last night. FML
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Did you by any chance break up with him for cheating?

isnobodyhere 32

Some move on quicker than others?


Did you by any chance break up with him for cheating?

That's messed up.

isnobodyhere 32

Some move on quicker than others?

Mathalamus 24

Not that quick.

Apparently he moved on before they even broke up.

Well that escalated quickly

well that shows how much he didn't deserve you if you just broke up last night and he found a fiance.

He didn't just find the fiance, the fact that he just got engaged right after breaking up forces one to assume he was cheating on OP

Did he go to a bar yesterday? Or watch frozen?

I don't think you should be anywhere near him now, concentrate on yourself Op. You're important. But I would like to know how you didn't find out that he was interested with someone else. If you did know, you shouldn't be surprised, sure it hurts, but you would've seen it coming. Question is, did you?

I'm sorry, OP... Things always happen for a reason. I'm sure the right person will come along your way in due time. I'm sorry you have to go through whatever feelings you're going through. Chin up, Sugar! It'll be okay. :)

I appreciate what you're trying to say but things don't "always happen for a reason". That's the invalidating crap people say to make themselves feel better when someone else's life's a heaping pile of wreckage. Sometimes awful shit just happens unfairly without any rhyme or reason to it.

That's messed up, but you do have to ask your self, were you his girlfriend or his side piece?

All the more reason to show you dodged the bullet. Unfortunately, his new partner did not. Either way, heartbreak sucks, I'm sorry OP. Take comfort in the fact that that jerk is out of your life for good and someone is going to treat you in a fantastic way he never did.