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  Mortoli  |  30

Lol not gonna completely agree with you. guys at my high school were awful. Even me. But i learned my lessons. Still hated school mind you but nvm bout that. These guy were messing with girls the wrong way I hated it. but instead of fighting i decided to talk to one of them first. I didn't hear of much else happening but wouldn't surprise me much they rarely listen to me anyways lol. I don't wish the worst of them but I sure as hell don't wish the best. Except this one dude though surprisingly in the end I pretty certain he got with one of the girls that was a somewhat friend of mine which shocked me. So rude to her at first. Disrespectful and all but still they became good friends in the end shocked the heck out of me that for sure. Though with right girl any man can change. Hope rest those idiots learned their lessons. As much as I don't like them like I said don't wish the worst of them. Remember your codes gents and don't harm girls only cowards do that.

  SneezyBear  |  27

#83 the weird thing is, I personally believe in karma but without being given any context I would never perceive negative events happening to other people as some sort of 'retribution' for some past behaviour. That being said, I'm not a fanatic about it, I mean of course some of the nicest people go through the greatest suffering and some of the most horrible people live like kings but generally I believe what goes around comes around - whether it's today, or a few years, or several decades later...

OP's bully may have regretted her past actions, changed, and become a nicer person. Maybe karma already happened to her and made her do some serious personality recalibration.. or maybe it is yet to happen but will happen some day. Maybe it will never happen, and she'll just cruise on through life, as some people do. Honestly OP, you shouldn't fret about it, you have your own life to live and if you haven't yet let go of how she treated you years ago you're the one who's gonna be suffering more than her.


#60 is right. I suggest everyone Google "karma". It's been westernized and made into an idea that people get what they deserve, which all evidence points in the other direction. The next life is where you pay your karmic debt.

  CJB3228  |  17

#104 I was hoping I wouldn't have to explain myself, so thank you. I don't actually have that religious point of view. I was merely pointing out that's what karma is.

  ChristianH39  |  30

27 it isn't. But an immature sense of empathy often causes kids (depending on how old they were) to be cruel to one another for no good reason. This lady OP is wishing ill on might not be such a bad person anymore.

  Codezlol  |  21

When people mature after high school and get into the real world, they usually change. I've ran into lots of people who weren't the nicest guys in high school and they're usually grown up now. Not saying that everyone changes, some people will forever be D-Bags. I'm just saying the immaturity usually sheds off of people really fast once they age a bit. Live and let live, etc. There is my old man wisdom, good day all.

  Gittoh  |  21

maybe she has scars from the past and hoped to get a small karma revenge? haven't we all tracked a person, who somehow left a deep impression on us, on the internet? I know I have.

  MaiLyfe  |  20

Or, OP has moved on, but just happened to think of the past and decided to look them up. Just because they looked them up doesn't mean they're still attached and haven't let go.