By neverdateaclosetcase - 17/11/2010 18:16 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend asked me to meet his parents over Christmas. I was ecstatic. But there was one condition: I must go dressed as a girl since he hasn't worked up the nerve to come out to his parents yet. We've been dating for over a year. FML
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well let's hope you make one pretty lady ;D

ouch. that sucks


ouch. that sucks

while youre all eating get up, rip off your wig and clothes and yell "SURPRIIIIISE!!!"

lol I get it. it "sucks" because he's gay

Yeah, because all gay people automatically love sucking cocks and doing anal? You stupid, ignorant little disposable asswipe. I hope you're just INNOCENTLY stupid rather than actively retarded, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. The only person who sucks here is you. Good day, sir.

50, what else is there for them to do? They don't have the right parts to have sex the normal way.

I'm tempted to facepalm you. That is, pimp-slap you so hard you don't know what day it is. Although, maybe that's pretty normal for you, since you so easily forget these people are romantic partners. They're not fucking every second of every day; why should you define them by what they may or may not do in bed? Just because that's "all they can do" as you seem to think, doesn't mean they like it, or that they even do it at all. I guess what I'm trying to say is shut the fuck up before your stupidity overshadows my own. TL;DR - "HERP DERP DEY BE GHEY SO DEY MUS FUK IN MOWTH LIEK CLOCKWERK" isn't a valid opinion.

You are both idiots. Kaysl for blowing up on some guy and other guy for thinking thats all they can do. They got hands dont they?

I don't think my stupidity could ever overshadow yours. You seem stupid enough for the both of us. If he didn't like gay sex, it wouldn't matter if he was with a man or a woman.

Way to vote-up your own comment :) And no, I'm sure your stupidity could easily overshadow mine; it takes a very special kind of stupid to start bitching right back at me. "If he didn't like gay sex, it wouldn't matter if he was with a man or a woman." Are you fucking serious? That's it, I'm not even going to explain to you how that sentence is fundamentally flawed, for I sincerely doubt you'd be able to accept the fact that what you just said would cause small children to repeatedly smash their heads against the wall until all that remained was a fine red mist spelling out "WHY DO YOU STILL LIVE?!". Good day.

So I'm stupid for responding to you, but it's fine for you to respond to me? If that's your idea of logic, no wonder what you're saying doesn't make any sense.

Erm... I never read anything in iwadasn's comments that implied he thinks that all gay dudes do is have sex. You should really overly sensitive and you're blowing an innocent thing that was said on the internet WAY out of proportion.

KaySL is easily one of the most idiotic commentors I've ever seen. Also, please stop saying "good day" when you think you've made some incredibly witty comment. It makes you look like even more of a fgt.

You can tell people have nothing substantial to say when they just threaten violence. Yeah, you're so great for threatening to slap someone you'll never actually meet in real life.

^Why was #72 moderated? Just curious...

#72 was moderated for using a hateful anti-homosexual slur. Now, the hatred and sexual tension in this thread is palpable, therefore I will ask everyone involved to tone it down a notch, or get a room. Either is fine, just spare us the eroticism.

I don't agree with that since I sometimes use it ironically, but whatever dude, you're the mod. How do you guys get chosen, anyway?

We're getting sexual tension out of the way? ... Take me, Sirin! And Doc can join. Alaska can come too. ZE END!

To be honest Sirin, this is a great example of an FML, but a terrible choice to present to the 'FML public' (even thought the public moderate them). There's too much conflict of strong opinion.

o that sucks I'm sorry

the end of ze world!!! lol

at first I thought u were a girl that had to dress as a girl haha. ps: I have nothing against gays.

YDI for being gay. The stereotypes about AIDS and anal can't be denied

102 africa?

Bahahaha you're so funny! xD I love your comment toward that other person. That made me laugh. :3 I agree with you.

YDI for being gay.

All of you who are saying "ydi for being gay" can go to hell. You are just an ignorant prick and add nothing to this fml. They cannot help beig gay. I know many people who are gay, and theydis not choose to be, so just shut the hell up.

KaySL needs some of my "sweet lovin" to relax.

pretty sure straight people choose to be straight...

aw I'm sorry for your boyfriend. coming out is really hard especially coming out to your parents. jsut tell him it will be fine and that you're not going to go dressed as a girl xD. unless his parents are homophobes then maybe you shouldn't go at all....

Well, no matter your sexual orientation, if you're successful in getting a relationship, chances are, you're going to engage in sexual activity. gay people must find their way, just as straight people. Nobody suggested gay people are uncontrollable sex fiends. Take it down a notch.

wait so the guy had to dress up as a girl ?? wouldn't he look abnormal...

guys i hate homophobes too but dont forget this is the internet...

2 points to make... 1)stop using the word ignorant, every single human is ignorant about one thing or another, do ur pretty much calling the human 2) never understood why people feel the need to come out. its not like straight people go around announcing it to everyone. what u do or dont do in the bedroom is ur business.

U MAD? he mad.

well let's hope you make one pretty lady ;D

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They're a gay couple.

Wow, that you apparently couldn't figure it out from the FML itself is one thing, but it even SAYS neverdateaclosetcase (MAN). OP: That is really sad, don't go along with it, it will only make things worse. Don't give up too easily on him though. I hope you will figure it out!

#9, either you're too young and have never heard of gay people or you're retarded.

no shit, sherlock


Damn, you're right, 90. Sorry 9.

No shit, stupid. As if the male symbol on his FML didn't give it away..

At least you'll be fierce either way!

Poor you. I hope you slapped him when he asked you to play a transvestite. Oh, and demand him to come out, it's the best for everyone. Since he expected you to be a woman, you need him to get a grab on reality.

Agree, tell him to man up and come out. Ultimately despite his parents' response, he is their child. Parents only want the best for their kids. And so what, it might make for some awkward moments as everyone comes to grips, but jeesh. If he can't, you need a new love.

That's a nice thought. Too bad it doesn't always work out that way here in the real world. Not all parents want the best for their children. Some people get disowned when they come out.

I think you should encourage him to come out but if he can't, I don't think you should leave him like the above post suggests. Obviously if you have been together for a year, you two are a great couple so you should be able to help him through this and have a wonderful holiday no matter what you end up doing :)

You're absolutely right. It's tough. I have several gay friends. These men I adore! And they would absolutely walk through fire for me. I wish people understood that being gay is not just about the sex. Like with any attraction it's a complex mixture. And feeling out how to tell parents can be brutal. You're right. Some lose everything when they come out. I don't think OP should act the transvestite (unless that's his bag). Tough situation.

If homosexuality wasn't viewed as so differently than heterosexuality, there would be nothing brutal about coming out. There wouldn't even be any need for people to come out. You can't control which gender you're attracted to, and the discrimination against homosexuals shouldn't have ever happened. What if the majority of the world was gay, and everyone picked on straight people? Ugh.

Just wear loooots of makeup, or pretend to be his friend and like... Say the Gf couldnt come?

Sorry OP, that sucks. I can't wait for the comments to get shut down because of the immature kids on here. **waits for it........**

No shit! Little children should grow up and realise their hatred doesn't make them hot shit. It's like promoting KKK ideals and then whining about how society is so liberal and doomed because there's a backlash against you.

As opposed to people like you who are too immature to realize that their are other viewpoints besides their own?

Eh there may be other views on ideas but frankly Ive heard the majority of them and I really dont give a shit about other peoples views.

People can have their own views, that I don't mind about. WHAT I DO mind about is the immature kids who just simply discriminate against the OP because he happens to be gay. Lashing comments like "ydi 4 bein gaiz lmaoroflolzz"

Exactly, that was what I was intending to say, the tosspots that can only throw about slurs, and rant on against homosexuals in a way that if they did towards an ethnic minority, they'd be all but lynched in retribution. It looks like those trolls are just giving up commenting and instead down-voting people all over the place for the most innocent statements, it's unbelievable.

That sucks