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Today, I had my girlfriend over for dinner with my family. My father had dressed up as a girl for a recent gig of his at a local pub. This got somehow brought up at the table. The rest of the dinner conversation consisted of him and my girlfriend discussing bras and lingerie. FML
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hey at least your gf and family gets along!

That kind of discussion usually isn't the norm for dinner talk. But hey, atleast you got insight onto what your girl likes? Lingerie is sexy af


hey at least your gf and family gets along!

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And they share a common interest! Soon they'll be going to lingerie shops together.

You're laying down.. With a snake by your face.

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You're standing in front of a mirror, wearing a green shirt, with a big goofy grin, taking a picture with a cellphone in what appears to be a bathroom.

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I didn't say it is, I just said that you appear to be making a goofy grin in that particular picture. We all can so that. Heck, I just thought that since you accurately described my picture, I should do the same thing!

That kind of discussion usually isn't the norm for dinner talk. But hey, atleast you got insight onto what your girl likes? Lingerie is sexy af

I agree, lingerie is awesome, I love lingerie!

You should consider changing your name to "AttentionSeekingAnn".

And you should consider changing your name to heinous bitch.

56, no thanks, I like my name the way it is, thanks though. Also I wasn't seeking attention, I must have posted that when I was half asleep, I don't even remember posting that comment, lol

I agree lingerie is hawt. @64 - love the picture of the foxy!

I was going to like this comment but there was 69 likes already. I figured i better not.

Offer your opinion on your girlfriend's lingerie choices. He will either A. Welcome you to the family. B. Beat the living sh*t out of you.

but...hes already in his family...he's his dad...

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My bad I read it the other way round that it was the girlfriends father. Sorry

Because fathers beat the shit out of their sons for talking about lingerie all the time, right? Read the FML again

No, but fathers do beat the shit out of their sons sometimes. :P

What's this? A commentor admitting and apologizing for their mistake? No! This isn't the way it's supposed to be, dammit! Blame it on a non-existent sister! Blame auto-correct! My entire world is crumbling! Oh, the horror!

Sorry your reply didnt come up before i posted

I agree with 1 - it's a lot better than it being extremely awkward.

Don't be a fuddy-duddy, OP! So you've got a dad who does drag and a lady with a taste for fine undergarments; as said above, things could be worse, right? Go with it! Maybe your dad can even help with Valentine's day shopping. Chin up!

'Oh son, she would like this one, I'll just try it on to see how it looks!'

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Thumbs up for the Alter Bridge reference!

dontpanic_fml 32

I have no idea what that is but I appreciate the thumb ;)

Ahh whoops, my mistake. It's a band that I enjoy, and Ties That Bind is a song of theirs. Apparently 9 other people don't like them though!

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Oh that's cool, thank you caity, sorry you got thumbed down!

So wat bra is she getting this valentine???

He hasn't decided on the colour, yet. But it has to at least be a 'h' cup. ;)

Someone please teach #13 and #15 how to spell!

15's spelling is fine.... 'colour' is a UK / European spelling of 'color', if I recall correctly.

Colour is simply anyone in the British commonwealth, including Canada and Australia

TheDrifter 23

Though here in Canada we tend to get American model gadgets that don't know how to spell colour properly.

And 17 spelled what ( wat ) and I live in USA we color what we use

They just met? Round two should be waxing, plucking and chafing.

Is chafing a lady-issue? Please enlighten me, as I do not chafe.

at least they've found something they have in common :) much better than openly slagging gf off when she's sat there